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    • Head to Solomons Store before 23:59 UTC on 31st July to save 10% on the Shadow Dragoon Outfit. The outfit has now been fully optimised for NXT, and has an altogether smoother texture. Please note: If you have previously purchased the Shadow Dragoon Outfit, your outfit will be upgraded to the enhanced version free of charge.
      With the 10% discount applied, the Shadow Dragoon Outfit costs 380 RC for free players and 342 RC for members. Dont miss out! The Shadow Dragoon outfit will be removed from store at 23:59 UTC on 31st July. Enjoy! Enjoy, have fun and let us know your thoughts over on the forums. The RuneScape Team

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    • RuneFest 2016 is approaching us quickly, and there can be no RuneFest without the prestigious Golden Gnome Awards. This year 15 gnomes are up for grabs, and the categories are as follows: RuneScape Best RuneScape Video Maker Best RuneScape Video Best RuneScape Streamer Best RuneScape Streaming Moment Old School RuneScape Best Old School Video Maker Best Old School Video Best Old School Streamer Best Old School Streaming Moment Community Best Artist Best Artistic Creation Best Cosplay - player selected* Best Cosplay - JMod selected* Community Champion Hall of Fame Lifetime Achievement *For more information about this year's cosplay awards, please see Mod Kalaya's forum thread. To make these Golden Gnome awards as successful as they can be, were enlisting your help! Several of the categories need your nominations for deserving winners. To submit a nomination, please follow the appropriate link below: Best RuneScape Video Best RuneScape Streaming Moment Best Old School Video Best Old School Streaming Moment Best Artistic Creation Community Champion In a few weeks, well open voting to determine the shortlist of talented creators wholl stand for the awards at the event itself. Keep an eye out for more news! The Golden Gnomes awards will be held at Battersea Evolution in London for RuneFest 2016, and itll alll be streamed to on Saturday 17th September. See you there! The RuneScape Community Team

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    • THE     VIBES   THOUGH     LENNO    
    • Choose your prizes and win two new outfits on Treasure Hunter over the next five days with Hearts of Fire. From 00:00 UTC on 28th July until 23:59 UTC on 1st August, head to Treasure Hunter and let Hearts of Fire burn up any excess Hearts of Ice you might have, letting you decide your next prize category. To use a Heart of Fire, simply click the icon next to the Hearts of Ice counter when it's glowing red. You'll then be prompted to choose which category you'd like. Note that you can de-select your choice by right-clicking the Heart of Fire icon, should you change your mind. You can light one gem up to the red rarity at a time to guarentee that prize from the ticker. Use this to take advantage of our two new outfits to Hearts of Fire and other prestigious prizes including the Spring Cleaner, Golem outfit pieces, Slayer masks, and more. The rarer your prize, the more Hearts of Ice you'll incinerate in the process. There's also a cooldown of Keys used, depending on your chosen prize: The new Light and Dark armours will be available on Hearts of Fire throughout the five days. If you don't manage to catch the armour during Hearts of Fire, don't panic! The new Light and Dark armours will remain on the ticker, as a rare red prize after the event has finished, and will join any of the original Hearts of Fire items that you haven't already unlocked. Enjoy! Enjoy, have fun and let us know your thoughts over on the forums. The RuneScape Team What is Treasure Hunter? Treasure Hunter is playable from within RuneScape, allowing players to use Keys to claim in-game items as prizes. These range from useful resources to rare weapons and exclusive gear. Playing Treasure Hunter is simple - click the treasure chest icon that pops up when you log in. If you've not played before, just follow the on-screen guide. Everyone gets at least one Key per day, and RuneScape members get two. You can earn more Keys while playing the game, or stock up by redeeming Bonds. If you'd like more, you can also buy Keys on the website, or by clicking 'Buy Keys' within the Treasure Hunter interface in-game.

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    • You suggested it and now its finally here RuneScape has a brand new region waiting for you to set sail and explore. Once you meet the requirements, head over to The Arc islands via Port Sarim for skilling, hunting, slaying and so much more. When youve earned yourself some currency there, blast into the neighbouring Uncharted Isles and lay claim to your very own island paradise. Also this week is the lifting of the Invention XP-item amnesty. Read on for all the details about that, as well as our usual patch notes, streaming info and other news. Requirements: RuneScape members only. To access the Arc islands, you only need to have completed the mini-quest Impressing the Locals. Speak to Trader Stan in Port Sarim to begin. To explore the uncharted isles and claim your own island you must have one or more of the following skills at level 90: Fishing, Hunter, Slayer and Woodcutting. Miniquests in and around the Arc islands will have individual requirements. The Arc Islands The first three islands of an area called The Arc are now here for you to explore! Get ready for a host of different action-packed activities, challenges, skilling opportunities, miniquests, characters, nuggets of lore and so much more. Arrive first at the trade hub of Waiko. Talk to the various characters who inhabit this bustling and vibrant marketplace. Take on miniquests, continue the Slaver storyline or carry out tasks to earn the unique currency, chimes, which can be spent on the resources necessary to start the second part of this initial Eastern Lands release: exploring the Uncharted Isles, but more on that later in the post! Secondly, travel to Whales Maw. Located in prime fishing waters this is the perfect spot for training your Fishing and Hunter skills. Finally there's Aminishi a Slayer-focussed island. Investigate the mysterious cult of monks who inhabit it and discover their links to the monstrous spirit dragons. What secrets will you discover in this strange and wondrous place? Additional islands, some of which you can see on the Arcs map screen, will be added in future content releases. For now, lets look at the other part of this bumper initial Eastern Lands update. Explore the Uncharted Isles find your own island paradise Once you have earned enough chimes, the unique currency of the Eastern Lands, you will be able to spend them on Supplies from the market in Waiko. Once you have enough Supplies (and meet a level requirement detailed above) you will be able to explore the Uncharted Isles. This is a procedurally generated region where every voyage brings up more uniquely shaped islands with random assortments of resources. Land on any island you discover, skill, kill or chill there for a while, then move on to the next one in search of different riches. This is where the really high-level skilling is to be discovered in the Eastern Lands and youll have to keep on exploring the Uncharted Isles for a chance to find it. When you find one you like, place a flag on it to save it as your own permanent, private resort. Once decided upon, you can return to your island whenever you like. Perhaps you picked it because of its abundance of useful skilling resources or perhaps you just like the shape its up to you to explore and discover. You can even add customisation to your new base too, including a fabulous hammock that you can use to change the time of day. The best islands with the biggest riches will cost the most of supplies to reach. Save up by taking part in as many Arc activities as possible and launch a voyage farther into the unknown that any Scaper has gone before! Remember - this is only the first part of the Eastern Lands expansion and many more features are planned. Stay tuned for further news of the upcoming additions to this wonderful new horizon for RuneScape. Now get exploring! The Eastern Lands are all about exploring and its a clean slate for you all. What will you discover? The RuneScape Team Invention XP Amnesty You will now be able to buff your Invention progress by using items such as prismatic lamps, stars other sources of regular or Bonus XP. However, please bear in mind that Invention is a unique skill and a very different beast to other skills. After much internal debate, and taking into account your feedback, weve decided to take a different approach. Further details and specific points can be found in a dedicated thread on the forum. Summer Special last chance! Refresh your membership in time to enjoy the Arc in the best way possible with this years Summer Special offer but you dont have long left it ends 31st July. 3 months for the price of 2 and a powerful, unique Illumination aura can be yours. Get it now! Patch Notes Patch notes for this weeks update can be found in the forum thread. Live Streams Each week we livestream Q&As, in-game events and more. Watch the streams and find a full streaming schedule on the Twitch channel. Check the YouTube channel for videos you may have missed. This week, well be talking all-things Mining and Smithing are you ready for our updated plans for the rework? Tuesday, July 26th| 16:00 Game Time | Mining and Smithing Showcase #2 You may have watched our first Mining and Smithing showcase in June. Since then, the Dukes have been hard at work refining and forging an updated concept for your eyes only this Tuesday. Watch from 16:00 Game Time to find out more about Septembers rework. Ask your questions on our forums, Reddit, or by using #RSQA on Twitter! Friday, July 29th | 20:00 Game Time | Update preview with Mod Shauny Find out what you can expect from Mondays patches and more with Mod Shauny this Friday night! Sunday, July 31st| 19:00 Game Time | PvM with Mod Lee! Mod Lee will be hosting some Community PvM goodness live on Twitch! In Other News Snapchat takeover Mod JD Thursday Its the turn of our Social Media Manager, Mod JD, to take over the RuneScape Snapchat. If youre lucky, hell show off some of his #MadPaintSkillz live on our Snapchat story (and lots more). Check out a day in his life (and maybe get some sneaky teasers) at runescapegame on Snapchat, and share your favourite screenshots using #JModSnapchatTakeover on Twitter and Instagram! SGS New Arrival - Flourishing Fairy Outfit Head to Solomons General Store now and pick up the first outfit in the Fae Collection: The Flourishing Fairy Outfit. The Flourishing Fairy Outfit is designed with recolourable petals and comes with a unique teleport animation especially designed for the Fae Collection. The Flourishing Fairy teleport animation will let your character flutter up, up and away! Grab it now!

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