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Dungeoneering Guide [up to date]

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A lot of us are dungeoneering now because of the key bag update, and a lot of you might find this thread useful if you would like to become better at dungeoneering in general. I also learned a lot from these guides, and I though I knew quite a bit, but not after reading these. If you are new to the skill you should read this for the lingo. This is a list of all the correct ways to kill every boss. If you are wondering what to bind this is a very good guide. I thought this guide was pointless until I read it. THIS is the most important guide [puzzles] for me atleast. If you are going to dung, this is with out question a must read. It is the most helpful, and will speed up your dung xp by a ridiculous amount. You should really read this one, I can't stress it enough. Last but not least, is the map reading guide. This is very helpful if you are looking to learn to key but it should also be read if you don't want to, because it will teach you how to think ahead and not wonder what you should do. In a nutshell, it will teach you how to not be idle while the keyer is busy if you are not the one keying.

I did not write these guides, I took them from and all credit goes to them.

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