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mIRC to the max

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mIRC Guide

Right, I love mIRC. And wanted to make something to help people set it up. So that it looks nice. Instead of the default crappy look that puts people off.

To start is the mundane installing..

We start this journey by visiting


Once downloaded, we can install ..


Then finishing the wizard, running mIRC..


When we open it, unless you register (and pay) mIRC you will always get this popup box..


After you reach '30 days' since you installed, you can still use this software, it might just take ~20 seconds before 'Continue' is an enabled button to click.

After clickin' 'Continue' and the next dialog, we get given a settings dialog..


Here you enter in your own nickname, and a alternative name incase your nickname is currently in-use.

For this example here's mine:


After setting your nickname we want to look into the IRC server you'l be connecting to. Lookin' here we go over to the treebar:


.. and clicking 'Servers' we are given the above screen.

Scroll through the options or click onto 'WebChat' and type in 'SwiftIRC'. Click the folder, click onto 'Random server' and..


.. Clickin' 'Ok'

Right so now we COULD connect to the server if we wanted, But we wanna make mIRC look a lil' prettier! Otherwise the thing looks fucking ugly.

Before makin' it look pretty, lets get auto identifying out of the way, and joining channels.

Lookin' at the toolbar, Click on the 'Scroll' type image..


Now we're looking at the SCRIPT EDITOR.

Click onto 'Remote' on the tab bar, it looks a lil' like this:


Once the Remote tab is pulled to the front, Go to File > New


Now since we've done that, we can put someone in Remotes to automatically identify you!

This is what you will need to put:

Copy and paste this, into Remotes:

on *:CONNECT: {
if ($network == SwiftIRC) {
ns id password
join #su


PLEASE NOTE: You will need to change 'password' to your current nicknames password. If you have yet to own a nickname and need to register, that'll happen soon. Just remember to put your password in here when you have.

Other: You can also add other channels to automatically join by doing something like this:

join #su,#runescape,#mIRC

Hit 'Ok' to save that script and it'l be ready for when you connect to SwiftIRC!

NEXT: (the pretties...)

Head back to the tool bar, clicking on the little address book icon like so:


Then click on the 'Nick Colors' tab.


Then go to 'Add' by the listbox:


Here we can set certain nicks to different colors depending on different variables.

First we're going to do people who have 'Operator' status in channels.

Set the nick color to whichever you want, I have it red. Under 'Channel Modes', remove the % and + so just the @ is left behind like so:


Then clicking 'Ok' to confirm the nick color addition.

Next up is those who have 'HalfOperator' status:

Setting the color to orange and removing the @ and + under 'Channel Modes'


Clicking 'Ok' again...

Next is 'voice' status..

I have them blue, and under 'Channel Modes' removing both @ and %.


And clicking 'Ok' again..

Lastly is 'No Mode', the rank which people get when they have to 'ranking' in the IRC channel.

I have this nick grouping as green. This one is different where we don't touch 'Channel Modes', but instead just click the tickbox which says 'No Mode':


After clicking 'Ok' you should be lookin at your Nick Colors listbox lookin' like this:


After Nick Colors we will set highlights. So click 'Highlights', it's the tab right next to 'Nick Colors', then click 'Add', and you should be looking at somethin' like this:


Here you can put your nick as a highlight, leaving 'Match on'. You have the ability to make it so that the line your highlight is said on is changed to a certain color, I have mine set to red (see picture above), and you can have it play a sound when you get highlighted (optional).

After clicking 'Ok' you should be left with a screen and listbox like this:


You're now pretty set to connect.

So go ahead, and apart from the sounds, the first thing you'll be greeted by is this horrible font.


So let's change that...

Right click on the server status text or 'SwiftIRC <yournickname>' and go to 'Font..' like so:


You'll be greeted by a 'Select Font' dialog. You can change the font and size, i personally like mine on the 'Tahoma' font, size 8.


Click 'Ok' when you have the font you like. Test fonts as you wish, return by right clicking 'SwiftIRC <yournickname>' -> 'Font'

Now when you connect you'll be greeted by some much nicer on the eyes font..


If you automatically joined a channel earlier then you can skip this next lil' part. If not, you will need to join a channel in order to change the font of channels. Just type

/join #su

Now we can change the font for channels! yay! .. Right click on a channel and click 'Font'..


Once again changing the font like the previous one, .. But! You must tick box of the tickboxes that appear so that your font change happens on ALL channels you're in, and the setting STICKS.


Now.. If after you've been online for awhile, you may start to see this..



To get rid of that.. Head over to the tool bar and go into 'mIRC Options'..


Scroll down the tree bar untill you see 'Display' .. if you need to expand it by clicking the little boxed + symbol. Click on the 'Marker' button and you get a 'Marker' dialog. Now untick the 'Show line marker' tickbox. Click 'Ok' and then 'Ok' again to get out of the settings dialog.

Awesome, you're pretty good to go.

Now if you have yet to register a IRC name, here's your chance. Choose the name you want to use, if you want to change your nick use

/nick newnick

Now to register, the syntax is Syntax: '/NS REGISTER password password email email' so as an example:

/NS REGISTER mynewpass mynewpass [email protected] [email protected]

You will need to enter your own password and email address. Please do NOT enter a false email account as SwiftIRC sends you a validation email which you need!

Now go check your email. GO!.

Because you should see your validation email. Inside it gives a one-time only code which you need to enter into SwiftIRC to gain FULL access to the nickname.

Use your code by typing:

/ns confirm [SwiftIRC's Code]

... they give you the line to copy and paste in the email, so it should be easy sailing from there.

If you are making the change from SwiftKit to mIRC please note: Links on mIRC: To open them, double click on the url posted in the channel, even though it isn't highlighted blue, it's still clickable!

If you're like cyrus and miss the ability to have links blue and underlined, then paste this into your remotes in the script editor.:

;this is actually needed to bypass mIRC's parsing behavior of strtok(str, ":")
alias urlreg return /((??:(?:http|ftp|gopher)\72\/\/)|(?:www|ftp)\.)\S+)/Sig

;the coloring alias, blue (12), underline (31)
alias urlcolor return $+($chr(3), 12, $chr(31), $1-, $chr(31), $chr(3))

;trigger for the regex event only
on ^&$*:text:$($urlreg):*:{
;if we are in a channel, turn nick into @nick if applicable
var %nick = $iif($chan, $nick($chan, $nick).pnick, $nick)

;color all the linkes using the predefined alias above
var %msgs = $regsubex($1-, $urlreg, $urlcolor(\t))

;print the message, default timestamp, highlighting options, and nick coloring
echo -tcrl normal $iif($chan, $v1, $nick) $+(<, %nick, >) %msgs

;prevent mIRC's default echo

This is not my code, but found here: http://stackoverflow...f-links-in-mirc - Credit to Wiz

Presuming in your script editor you have added auto identification, and this new code to make links blue and underlined, your script editor should look like this:


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Wow, long but really good and informative. I'm sure all the newbies will find it useful. :)


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Added the images back as I cba hosting a server anymore. It's usable once again!


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