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IRC Guide

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This is a guide to help you figure out how to download, set-up, and operate a few of the most common IRC clients.

First, we will run through downloading and running the clients.

Chatzilla- Use only if you have access to Mozilla Firefox

Chatzilla is a popular add-on for Firefox

Start by opening up Mozilla Firefox and googling “Chatzilla”. Click the first link and it should bring you to a page that looks like this


Click Add to Firefox. A dialogue screen may pop up and warn you about a possible threat. Click “Install” and you will then be told to restart Firefox.

After restarting select Tools > Chatzilla


A separate window should open and will look like this:


In the box type /attach and press enter. You have now connected to the SwiftIRC network.

After you have done that type /join #su This will bring you to the Skillers United IRC channel.

Scroll toward the end of the guide for further instructions on what to do now.


Mibbit is a web-based IRC client which requires no download. Start by going to

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “Chat Now” button. It will look like this:


It will open the mibbit interface. From there go to the “Connect” box and scroll down to SwiftIRC and select it.


After that enter your Nickname and type #SU into the Channel box and click connect. It will look like this:


After that you will be connected to the Skillers United IRC channel. Scroll toward the end of the guide for further instruction on what to do now.


Swiftkit is a downloadable Runescape/IRC client all-in-one. Many people new to IRC choose to use this toolkit.

You can download Swiftkit by going to The page will look like this


Click the “Free download” button and then press it again on the next page to begin the download.

The SwiftKit install program will pop up. Click Next>Next>I agree>Next>Next>Start

After you do this a box will pop up. Click “launch”


After that the Profiles screen will appear. Click “Use Selected” for now.


This will open the SwiftKit interface. On the bottom right hand side there will be a small box that says “Show Internal Utilities” Click this and it will bring up the utilities on the bottom part of your screen.


On the right hand side there are 4 tabs. Click the one that looks like Pacman.


Enter your nickname and and #SU into the boxes and click connect. It will look like this:


After that you will be connected to the Skillers United IRC channel. Scroll toward the end of the guide for further instruction on what to do now.


mIRC is by far the most complex IRC client. It is also the most useful. You should use one of the other IRC clients first to get yourself acquainted with how IRC works before you attempt to use mIRC.

To start using mIRC go to and click “Download mIRC” twice.


After that click through the boxes that pop up until you get to this one:


Click Next>I Agree>Next>Install

After that it will install the program and ask you to create a short cut. Go ahead and do this the shortcut will look like 111006185153.png

Double click it and the mIRC interface will pop up. Another box will appear and tell you that you need to register. This isn’t true so wait for it to flash for about 10 seconds and click “Continue”


After that, the same thing will happen again. Click “Continue” and a new box will appear titled “mIRC Options”


Type in your Nickname. After that click the “Servers” tab > Scroll down to SwiftIRC > click SwiftIRC then select Random Server. And click “OK”


You are now connected to SwiftIRC. Type /join #SU to join the Skillers United IRC channel.

Again mIRC is very complicated and will require more time to get it completely set up and operating how you want it.

I’m connected—What now?

Now you are connected to the SwiftIRC Network. There are still a few things you need to do.

First- You need to choose and register a Nickname. To do this type /nick NAME

After you have chosen a free Nickname you need to register it with the server. To do this type /ns register PASSWORD PASSWORD EMAIL EMAIL

After you do this, it will send a code to your email which you need to copy then type /ns confirm (the code in the email)

After you register you will need to identify yourself with the server. Type /ns id PASSWORD

You are now registered with the SwiftIRC Network, and are ready to use IRC. These are the basics. You will learn more things as you go along.

If you have any questions, feel free to post on the forum, or to visit the wiki page which tells you everything you need to know about the network and server.

The Wiki page can be found at


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Chatzilla Complete Setup

After you have installed chatzilla and registered with the server, do these few additional steps to have everything done automatically upon opening Chatzilla.

1. Auto-Identify/Voice

Chatzilla -> Preferences -> highlight -> Lists tab -> Auto-Perform section


2. Highlights (when someone says one of these words, your window will flash and make a ding noise, so you know when people are talking to you)

Chatzilla -> Preferences -> highlight Global Settings -> Lists tab -> Scroll down to Stalk words section (bottom)


3. Automatically joining #su on startup

This one is easy, right click the #su tab and select:



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