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A question on summoning

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I know that there has been a couple of questions on this subject already during the last couple of days, but I still have a few questions to ask.

Since I have had a break from rs for more than a year, and all ive done since i started playing again has been slaying, i was just wondering:

What is the best/cheapest way to get a lot of shards now? - just buy from the store, or buy from other players?

What is the fastest way to make pouches, do i use any familiars og do i just walk to obelisks, and which obelisks is the fastest? - if i use a familiar, do i buy the pouch or make it myself?(or would that be a waste of charms?)

These are the charms that im currently holding:


Plan is to make all golds to barker toads, use greens for fruit bats(as i saw someone saying that was cheapest), then continue by making the highest possible pouch with my crimson charms(unless i should stick with rocklobsters until a certain level? - and lastly, save my blues for lvl 89.

If anyone could please help me out with all of this - i know a lot of it may be very basic, but i havent done summoning for so long - so i feel a bit lost and puzzled about how it should be trained.

Thanks in advance.


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Buy on forums from other players and pay part junk, you should get them for 15-20 each + ur junk.

There also generally alwyas some pouches you can buy on ge and trade in for shards to get t hem cheaper, usually works out at like 21-24 each, but all cash, no junk needed.


Summon spirit kyatt, lv 57 familiar, about 10k each on ge, lasts 45 mins, use its teleport walk a little bit north east i think it is, and theres a ladder go down you have obliesk, bank with duel rings.


Gold - barker toad, no other options

Green - not sure on your level but i did hydras when i got 80, under the mentality that its best to squeeze every exp you can out of your charms, as everythign else can be bought, getting charms is the bit that wastes time, if you dont want to spend that bit extra do bats, its your choice.

Crimson - if you do hydras on green, do rock lobs until you reach 80 summ (unless you already have it,) At which point swich to greens for hydras if you do them. if not get as far as you can on greens and then to 85 on rock lobs, then switch to swamp titans - there definately worth doing.

Blue - geyser titan, nothing else to consider


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