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Month Ahead – August 2016

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This month is all about extreme challenges, as we venture back into the Wilderness for a selection of brand new activities including a super risky achievement diary.

Also, its time to dust off our skilling outfits in search of the highly elusive skilling pets.

Of course, if you just want to kick back this summer and catch some rays, then head to the Beach!

Wilderness Activities

The Wilderness activities being launched this month are epic. Even if youre not an avid PKer, theres something just right for you in one of the biggest updates weve ever attempted for these dark and twisted lands.

If youre into Divination, weve turned the Sword of Edicts spot to a giant Divination spot, able to create energy of any type depending on your level. Naturally the XP rates on offer are very generous, so take a buddy with you to watch your back!

If Farming or Herblore is more your cup of tea, weve 3 new potions in store luck potions, camouflage potions (that can hide your minimap dot) and aggression potions that make all combat NPCs attack you on sight - all of which use the new bloodweed herb that can only be grown in special patches in the Wilderness.

For the combatants, try venturing into the freshly updated bandit camp. Bandits have been tooled up and levelled quite considerably, being aggressive only to those who arent skulled. There is a stock of highly desirable items held inside, but the risk of obtaining them is high.

Or perhaps its a bit of Slayer youre after? If so, youll be able to pick up special contracts for killing Wilderness-only creatures, although these can be lost through PKing, with the progress carrying over to the new owner.

For Hunter, try out the charming moths on the far east coast. These giant furry blighters can be caught bare handed, with generous XP and summoning charms on offer.

Weve also changed rogues so they can be pickpocketed, added banks to the cape vendors, upgraded the demonic skull to work on 6 different skills in the Wilderness, giving you lots of additional XP and upgraded the chaos alter. Win!

Wilderness Achievement Diary

And weve not even mentioned the new achievement diary yet!

The diary contains easy, medium, hard and elite tasks just like its less bloodthirsty brothers. Youll be expected to raid warbands, create bakriminel bolts, kill the chaos elemental, run laps, take canoes. all sorts! But its worth it - those who complete it will gain the Wilderness sword, XP lamps and upgrades to several of the old and new Wildy training methods.

Skilling Pets

After the boss pets made a big impact last year, weve been tinkering away with bringing the same joy and rarity to skillers for all the non-combat skills.

The higher your level, the higher the chance to get the drop and earn unique titles. You can earn them by simply doing anything that you could earn shattered heart rocks from, which is about 95% of all the skilling activities in the game!

Our highlight pets include the Thieving Raccoon pet, the Runic Dragon (fresh from the RuneSpan) and Woody who features in both Woodcutting and Firemaking. Burn, little man, burn!!!

The Beach

Its time to bust out the Bermuda shorts and slap on some sunscreen the Beach is back for another four weeks of sun-soaked fun.

All your favourites from last year are back: coconut shy, coconut collecting, sandcastle building, fishing, beachball rolling, battleships, cooking grills, strongmen and portals, not to mention Clawdia herself.

On top of that theres a ton of new activities: terrorbird racing, daily treasure hunts, a hook-a-duck game for training your Hunter skill, and some truly awesome rewards, including starfish and seahorse pets, a towel cape, and a wearable shark fin.

Treasure Hunters on hand to make your summer all the sunnier, too, with Beach-inspired pintas, Beach-XP boosters and a very cute seahorse pet. Theres an extra key available to all members throughout August, so its a great time to open those chests!

Elsewhere, keep an eye out for the Satyr outfit - the latest in the Fae Collection - on Solomons Store, and a spectacular Crystal Peacock pet yours with selected gamecard purchases this month.

In Other News

Were also aiming to release a graphical rework to White Wolf Mountain and Catherby, harnessing the full power of NXT. Catherby will be updated to look like a real rustic fishing village, and White Wolf is becoming and ACTUAL MOUNTAIN. Get ready for some stonking views.

Oh, and dont forget your RuneFest tickets! 17th September 2016 in London. Be there or be somewhere else.

Have fun!

The RuneScape Team

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