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xits brettx

200,000,000 Thieving Tab

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I have gotten 200M Thieving finally, and I am here to share the items I got for a good 177M xp.

249,614,063 GP (Before selling the items)
13,101 Yew Logs
5,504 Magic Logs
3,726 Teak Plank
12,190 Coal
10,181 Gold Ore
11,617 Adamantite Ore
3,002 Dragon Bones
11,622 Soft Clay
1,706 Portent of restoration VIII
1,736 Portent of restoration IX
52,911 Radiant Energy
35,486 Luminous Energy
27,393 Incandescent Energy
11,514 Agility (1)
8,622 Super Engery (1)
9,388 Super Attack (1)
9,454 Super Strength (1)
7,776 Super defence (1)
5,902 Super Magic (1)
6,036 Super Ranging (1)
2,391 Zamorak Favor (1)
9,191 Oak Plank
8,070 Steel Bar
2,879 Summer Pie
17,176 Accursed Ashes
7,440 Soda Ash
11,643 Dragon Scale Dust
1,111 Harmony Moss Seed
16,451 Snape Grass
4,995 Crushed Nest
15,282 Flax
14,023 Bowstring
8,205 Unpowered Orb
8,576 Supercompost
13 Pineapple Seed
12 Maple Seed
22 Crystal Armor Seed
20 Crystal Tool Seed
21 Crystal Weapon Seed
8,149 Shark (didn't sell to use for Slayer down the road)
36 Truthful Shadow Core
52 Blissful Shadow Core
25 Manifest Shadow Core
9,419 Dungeoneering tokens (10)
288 Dungeoneering tokens (100)
8 Crystal Acorn
333 Hefin Course Multiplier
182 Motherlode Shards
56 Cleansing Crystal
97 Musician Tops
83 Musician Legs
91 Musician Boots
90 Musician Gloves
40 Triskelion Keys
Clan Symbol Pieces:
14x Ithell
40x Crwys
13x Cadarn
45x Hefin
31x Trahaearn
29x Meilyr
30x Amlodd
20x Iorwerth
1x Agility
2x Firemaking
2x Melee
3x Magic
3x Mining
1x Smithing
3x Prayer
1x Woodcutting
And the grand total from all of this stuff selling was.....
ece88e54d69db9b08acf6a1b0e9bd9e6.png 421,849,125 GP!
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Nice haul and grats again on 200m thieving!


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Daaamn that a lot of thieving.


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