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A better xp/hr for RANGE

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Fight Cauldron (Requires Brink of Extinction Quest)


+400k Range Exp Hourly

- This rate can also easily be achieved with Magic; Ice Blitz being the recommended spell.

- +900k/hr worth of loot (Noted gems, ores, soft clay, runes, and tzhaar items) if you bother anyways.

- Safe Minigame


Full obsidian armor (w/o shield) grants 45% damage reduction from tzhaar and 10% accuracy boost for their respective class from helm.

- Easily repairable from the shards you gain from minigame, 144shards/12 bars to make the set, and degrades.

- Armor gives no solid damage bonuses.

Tokkul Ring gives 10% damage boost.

Tokkul tokens may be used to give your armor even more damage reduction; Cost 15k Tokkul with a duration of 20 minutes for an extra 15% damage reduction; can pay up to 45k tokkul for an hour. (60% damage reduction total).


- Minigame is just endless waves of monsters with hot floors that you have to stand off of when they brighten up.

- The exp drops range from 1.9k, 2.2k, 3.6k, 7.3k.

- The lesser monsters spawn the most so it's easy to just double shot them for the instant kill.

- The thing about this minigame is that you have to focus on the floors and abilities against the monsters, so afking is not much of an option.

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Thanks for taking the time to make this guide! Much appreciated :D


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