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[AFK]320k xp/h range + 150 crimsons/h

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So... hey there again and it's me, Andrew getting you an alternative to your ranged training.
Long time ago, if anyone was doing them, you should remember Icefiends who reside in Gharrock Fortress. These were ~300k xp/h ranged and after a while they were nerfed. Well... They're back! I was scouting for a better xp/h rate than rorarii ( I mean afk rate) and I did not want to do abyss so I remembered these and I tested them out. I managed to get 320k xp/h purely in ranged and approx. 140 crimson charms per hour. As this is hi-leveled clan, I don't think many of you have low levels in combat skills so I think this guide is going to fit for you. Just before we go further into pretty much deep guide of these, there are some notes you may want to know about these:
* First of all, you have to be extremely careful about these, since they have enormous accuracy and they actually do decent damage. If you don't pay any attention, you WILL die.

* Spot dies from time to time (they become unagressive in around 10minutes, wasn't counting)

* There are recommended items/armours/abilities that I shall show you below.

* You must have done The Temple at Senntisten quest and you MUST have access to soul split (92 prayer) and I HIGHLY recommend you'd be the one who has 95 prayer for Anguish.

Recommended Gear/Inventory/Abilities/Quests (optional):

*As mentioned above, The Temple at Senntisten quest is a must so as soulsplit is, if you have no access to these, this guide is not for you (sorry);

*The World Wakes is HIGHLY recommended due to Death's Swiftness (will be named as DS below) ultimate ability which is extremely useful;

*Animal Magnetism for access to ava's device.


* Sirenic armour>Death Lotus armour> Pernix armour.

Note: you need high defence, not offense, just because I don't have Superior Death Lotus and I don't want to waste GP buying the lame one I used Pernix, it's up to you, but Armadyl armour IS NOT RECOMMENDED!

*Have access to tier 80+ weaponry:
Ascension Crossbows>Death Lotus darts (not recommended since ava's device DOES NOT pick them up)>Zaryte Bow (it's more usefull than other tier 80 weapons due to the fact that it degrades 6x slower)>Chaotic Crossbows/Royal Crossbow
If you preffer, use vampyrism scrimshaw, it's very helpful out here. Otherwise put charming imp into pocket slot.
Auras: Vampyrism>Penance>Reverance (I'd use all of them if I were you).

Cape slot: Completionist's Cape>Ava's device>Max cape> Skill cape.

Bolts: Ascension Bolts (only if using ascension crossbow, otherwise it's useless for you)>Royal bolts.
Additional notes: For boot/gloves slot, I recommend using Glaiven boots + tracking gloves for higher defence bonus.


4-6 Overload flasks>Extreme range+Extreme defence flasks>Super Defence+Super Ranging flasks (I recommend having access to overloads)
4-6 Prayer renewal flasks (same amount as overloads/other offensive+defensive flasks)
7-12 Super Restore flasks.
There isn't much to be said about inventory. 4 flasks equal to 2 hrs trip, 6 flasks equal to 3hrs trip (1 flask = 30mins)

Ability bar:

DO NOT USE Shadow Tendril's Treshold ability. I have optimal ability bar for all of my ranging spots, don't mind that one here.

Abilities in here are (going from 1 key bind to E):
Piercing Shot-Binding Shot-Needle Strike (Dazing shot if you're on Zaryte Bow/Royal Crossbow)-Ricochet-Fragmentation shot-Snipe (it rarely goes up to that)-Death's Swiftness (ranged level required 85)-Snap shot.

Killing tactics:

This is how the first floor looks like (the floor when you enter basement of Forstress):
I use South West and South East spots.

Whenever they become unagressive towards you, just run into another spot, and I recommend you having your ability bar full when you do that, once you're in another spot, use Death's Swiftness and kill these fast, because you are going to get piled and hitted hard. While being in new spot and on the effect of DS, use Snap Shot on the Icefiend that's on full health.

Stats of Icefiends:
These grant 1242 overall combat experience (934 Ranged and 308 constitution)
They are 154 combat level, but don't underestimate them, they are VERY ACCURATE and they usually hit 200-600 with their ranged attacks (approx. 100-400 with magic attacks).

Their attack range is pretty much large (approx. 8 or 7 squares if I stand correct) and they are aggressive.

These drop 2 crimson charm's at a time while having ~30-40% charm drop rate.
They have 8000 Lifepoints (do not check wikipedia, data there is out-dated).

Good luck. :)


Additional notes:
First of all, sorry for grammar.

Getting there is recommended by either having House in Rellekka or (better) by using DKS code in fairy ring. Then you just run north from DKS ring up untill transportation point (shown in picture below):


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