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*This is an old G&A thread taken from previous forums.

I started playing Runescape back in August 2007 after I had to give up work with my 2yr old son and after the birth of my daughter and with my free time (surprising yes I had some!) a friend at the time suggested I try a game called Runescape, at first I didn't like it and kept dying in Lumbridge and then I found out about members and within days I had put members on my account and the people in members were so much more helpful and friendly than f2p and that's when my love of the game actually started.

My first 99 was cooking (yup, I was an untrimmed cook caper) which was followed by fishing and then farming, I can't remember what order the rest of my 99's happened and have lost a few of my old screenshots due to my comp dying, they are probably floating around the net though on old clan sites and when I can be bothered I'll go into a deep search for them.

I never really had the goal to max my account, from about the total level of 1980 a good friend showed me Pyramid Plunder and that soon became my whole reason for playing but after a lot motivation from Skillers United member where most of them were maxed, I set out to obtain all 99's and I'm glad that I did as after 4 yrs of playing I finally reached my max cape goal on July 25th 2011.

Posted below is what is left for Comp, however, I've never really had the desire to obtain it so if I am completely bored out of my brain with nothing to do, I might chip away at the requirements.

I am also one of the biggest noobs you will ever meet.




120/120 Dungeoneering
Complete all tasks Unlock Spell: Bones to Peaches
183/198 Kudos
Unlock 33 more pieces of music

Bury all of the goblin priests in Yu'biusk
Laid Clarence the mage to rest
Complete all the unabridged Fremennik Sagas
Hunted the Thalassus ten times
Defeat the Queen Black Dragon
Claim a reward from Claus
Score 1111 in a session of Big Chinchompa
Complete all of Doric's tasks
Catch 1000 sprite charms
Complete all quest and miniquests
Complete Port story lines

As you can see, I have a load of things left to obtain comp cape and about a million lifetimes needed to do it! :P






*some links may be dead, due to puush deleting inactive images.

Cooking - Jan 2008 - no screenshot

Fishing - Mar 2008 -

Fletching - 7th July 2008 - no screenshot

Farming - 19th Sept 2008 - no screenshot

Thieving - 15th Nov 2008 - no screenshot

Firemaking - 8th May 2009 - http://img151.images...90509014022.png

Woodcutting - 5th Nov 2009 - http://img337.images...91105015434.png

Hitpoints - 3rd Oct 2009 - no screenshot

Prayer - 16th Oct 2009 - no screenshot

Attack - 15th Oct 2009 - http://img195.images...91010152603.png

Strength - 15th Oct 2009 - no screenshot

Defence - 18th Oct 2009 - no screenshot

Crafting - 28th Nov 2009 - no screenshot

Magic - 22nd Jan 2010 - no screenshot

Slayer - 6th May 2010 - no screenshot

Construction - 11th June 2010 -

Runecrafting - 4th Sept 2010 -

Smithing - 20th Sept 2010 -

Hunter - 5th Oct 2010 -

Agility - 20th Oct 2010 -

Mining - 21st Dec 2010 - no screenshot

Herblore - 7th Feb 2011 -

Summoning - 19th Feb 2011 -

Range - 21st Feb 2011 -

Dungeoneering - 25th July 2011 -

200m Cooking - 21st January 2013 -

Divination - 3rd October 2013 -

200m Thieving - 20th February 2014 - http://img208.images...8/5687/i512.png

Completionist Cape - 17th May 2014 -









**Stats as of 30th March 2014 - PRE F2P highscores being re-added**:


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Good luck on your goals, Meg!


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Congrats on your progress so far Meg! Bet you can almost taste it :D


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