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Bradly's Big Gay Road To Comp Cape

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Green- Done/ Red- Not Done

Elemental Workshop 3

Elemental Workshop 4

Hunt for Red Raktuber

Kenniths Concerns

My Arm's Big Adventure

Quiet Before The Swarm

Salt in the Wound

Tai Bwo Wannai Trio

The Chosen Commander

Enakhra's Lament

The Great Brain Robbery

Haunted Mine

Some Like It Cold

A Void Dance

Back To My Roots

Blood Runs Deep

The Branches of Darkmeyer

Catapult Construction

A Clockwork Syringe

Dealing with Scabaras

Do No Evil

The Elder Kiln

The Firemaker's Curse

Glorious Memories

Grim Tales

King of the Dwarves

Love story

The Prisoner of Glouphrie

Rocking Out

Birthright of the Dwarves

The Brink of Extinction

Ritual of the Mahjarrat

The Void Stares Back

The World Wakes

One Of a Kind





Seers Village








Bones To Peaches

Tune Bane Ore

Tele to south Falador

Repair rune pouch

Teleport to North Ardy

Remote Farming

Spiritualise Food

Make Leather

Disruption Shield

Vengeance Group

Teleport to Trollheim

Borrowed Power

------ Random------

Varrock Museum Kudos (After all quests)

Music Tracks

Fight Kiln

Tarn Razorlors secrets (After Haunted Mine)

Lay clarence the mage to rest (After Back To My Roots)

Fremennik Saga 2

Fremennik Saga 3

Fremennik Saga 4

Fremennik Saga 5

Reefwalkers Cape

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Jesus christ you got all of runescape ahead of you.


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I will say to remember to pick up Odd Old Man bones while you work through this, will save you 3 hours at the end for needing that fucking music track.


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