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  1. yea i made this before summoning mabye i should make some adjustments
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  3. Pyramid Plunder Introduction I have decided to make this guide to help any one that doesn't know =p thanks adamarc99 Description Tomb raiders: they get everywhere. The Guardian Mummy of the Tomb of Kings in Sophanem is bored of dealing with them, and has created an area for budding 'archeologists' to distract them from finding his master's tomb. Note: if you die durng this minigame you will lose you stuff Information Pyramid Plunder is a Thieving based mini-game and arguably the best way to gain experience for 99. In this mini-game you're given 5 minutes to loot as many urns/chest from the pyramid as possible, gaining artifacts and experience Requirements Level 21 thieving (I recomend 51+ for better experience) Also you must have started itcharins little helper quest to gain acess into Sophanem Items Recomended Food, Weight Lowering armour(Boots of lightness, Spottier cape, Penance gloves Items Optional Lockpick, Snake charm Weapon, Armour Heres the inventory I recomend -The tele tab just in case -second pharoa's sceptre -Super anti poison -Food -6 free spaces for gold artifacts to recharge sceptre Getting there The pyramid plunder mini-game is located is Sophanem which is in the Desert South-east of Nardah Method Number 1 -- (400gp required) Get a Shantay pass and take a carpet ride to Pollnivneach. You then have to walk a little south through the city to get to the second station. Then take another ride but this time to Sophanem and you will b placed just outside the city. =p Method number 2 Using you Pharoa's sceptre, teleport to Jalsavrah and you will b place inside the pyramid in the room with the guardian mummy. Entering the pyramid The pyramid of jalsavrah is the northern pyramid has four different doors which are on each side of the base. Only one of these doors has the guardian mummy in it who allows you to actually start the mini-game. If you try and your not in the right room, exit and then try another. Note: When you exit the room you're automatically placed outside the north door. When you find the room with the guardian mummy in it speak to him or just right click and then click start mini-game. What to do When the enter the first room the the Mummy gives you 5 minutes of plundering and a timer bar & Hourglass appear on the sides of the screen. The first thing you should do is deactivate the spear trap which is right in front of you. Then, either continue on to the next room or start lotting the urns. (depending on your thieving level) The doors In each room there are four doors; but only one of them leads to the next room. Although, these doors are constantly changing which makes it difficult to find the right one, sometimes. The speed that the doors are changin depends on the amount of people which are in the pyramid at that time in your world. If you're searching for the door and you see someone else go through, follow them because unless it changes, that will be it. When the doors keep changing this can become very frustrating because it doesn't leave enough time for looting the urns. Also, while you're attempting to open the door you will sometimes fail, so keep trying until it works. Lockpicks make this easier the lower the amount of experience you get. The Rooms Each room requires successively greater Thieving levels, so to enter the second treasure room you will need 31 Thieving, the third room requires 41 Thieving, and so on. The eighth chamber requires a Thieving level of 91 to enter. room 1 Thieving level required 21 Thieving Experience per chest 40 Strength experience per Sarcophagus 20 Thieving exp per snake check 20 Thieving experience per urn looted 40 room 2 Thieving level required 31 Thieving Experience per chest 60 Strength experience per Sarcophagus 30 Thieving exp per snake check 30 Thieving experience per urn looted 60 room 3 Thieving level required 41 Thieving Experience per chest 100 Strength experience per Sarcophagus 50 Thieving exp per snake check 50 Thieving experience per urn looted 100 room 4 Thieving level required 51 Thieving Experience per chest 140 Strength experience per Sarcophagus 70 Thieving exp per snake check 70 Thieving experience per urn looted 140 room 5 Thieving level required 61 Thieving Experience per chest 200 Strength experience per Sarcophagus 100 Thieving exp per snake check 100 Thieving experience per urn looted 200 room 6 Thieving level required 71 Thieving Experience per chest 300 Strength experience per Sarcophagus 150 Thieving exp per snake check 150 Thieving experience per urn looted 300 room 7 Thieving level required 81 Thieving Experience per chest 450 Strength experience per Sarcophagus 225 Thieving exp per snake check 225 Thieving experience per urn looted 450 room 8 Thieving level required 91 Thieving Experience per chest 550 Strength experience per Sarcophagus 275 Thieving exp per snake check 275 Thieving experience per urn looted 550 Exceptions/Other exp - You do not recieve experience from a chest if a scarab swarm appears. - If you first check for snakes before looting you're awarded half the exp. Then when you loot the urn you're awarded half the exp. Then when you loot the urn you're awarded the other half. - When you're Picklocking doors to progress through the Pyramid you recieve equal thieving experience to opening the chest for that room. My Method/ Mode Of Operation Now, everyone has there own methos or modes of operation while doing pyramid plunder. I will tell you the way whcih i found to be the best but that may not necessarily be so. When you enter room one quickly deactivate the spear trap and begin searching for the right door to lead you to the next chamber. Continue advancing through the Pyramid until you reach the second best room you can enter/ loot. For Example: If you have 65 thieving then you would keep skipping the rooms until you get to room 4 which requires 51 thieving. Now that you're in the right room, quickly start looting the urns in that room -- as many as possible. When you timer bar reaches half way then stop looting. Okay, now is the time to start searching for snakes. Searchng for snakes is a great way to gain quicker exp. Just keep searching for snakes in the other urns, not looting. When you've finished doing that, search the chest and start trying to find the door to the next chamber. Timing is very important with pyramid plunder so that is probably the reason that it requires so much attention. Now that you've entered the last room that your thieving level allows just tyry and loot as many urns as possible. If you timed it right you should be able to complete all/most of the room. If you keep failing on the same urn, try searching for snakes first then looting. Again, this method is up to you. Artifacts While looting things inside the pyramid you will recieve artifacts. These can be worth anything from 50gp - 1250gp. and can be sold to Simon Templeton who is located outside the Agility pyramid. Heres a list of what you can recive and what they're worth: Ivory Comb = 50gp Pottery Scarab = 75gp Pottery Statuette = 100gp Stone Seal = 150gp Stone Scarab = 175gp Stone Stattuette = 200gp Gold Seal = 750gp Gold Scarab = 1000gp Gold Statuette = 1250gp Note: After completing Dealing with the Scabaras quest you gain the ability to sell Simon Templeton the artifacts noted. Pharoa's Sceptre When looting chest and sarcophagi, as well as getting normal artifacts you also have the chance to recieve the valuable pharoa's Sceptre. The Pharoa's sceptre can be sold for 500-550k and is very useful while doing pyramid plunder.. getting you to the pyramid immediantly. The sceptre has three charges and threee different teleport options Jalsavrah = The Pyramid Plunder Pyramid Jaleustrophos = The Agility Pyramid (Simon Templeton) Jaldraocht = The Desert Treasure Pyramid It is possible to get more than one Pharoa's sceptre per player and if your serious about doing a lot of thieving i recomend having 2. This is helpful if you forget to recharge when you've used all your charges in the first one. When a sceptre runs out of charges it can be recharged by offering the guardian mummy some artifacts in return. The sceprte can either be recharged with 6 Gold artifacts, 12 stone artifacts or 24 ivory/pottery artifacts. Getting Pharoa's sceptres are probably the m,ain way to make money while doing Pyramid Plunder. I know people that have gotten over 10 sceptres on the way to 99. Although, i was unlucky and only got 1 Note: When you get a pharoa's sceptre you're automatically placed outside of the pyramid. Chests Golden Chests are located in the middle of every room, and usually give above average artifacts. You also have a chance to recieve the prized pharoa's sceptre from these. Many people loot the chests while they are going through the rooms, because it gives the extra exp and also the chance of getting a sceptre. Sometimes while opening the chest a lvl 98 scarab swarm will appear See Risks ---> Sarcophagi The Sarcophagi can give good str and also have the chance of recieving the Pharoa's Sceptre as well. ALTHOUGHIt is annoying when other people open the Sarchophagus and a mummy appears. This is because Mummies are aggressive and may not only attack you but anyone else just looting. They hit pretty often and are frustrating for other people, especially lvl 3 skillers cuz they can 2 hit them pretty easily. So i recomend not doing it. See Risks ---> Risks of Pyramid Plunder If you pay attention while doing Pyramid Plunder then you should be fine, although theres always the chance.. i got close a few times and you will lose your stuff if you die. The first one is posion. Snakes can poison you sometimes when you try and lott the urns. Scarabs swarms also do this even if you're using prayer. Although the poison doesn't hit much it can creep up on you. If you fail while attempting to loot an urn it will hit 3 damage on you, or 4 if you're in room 8. When your focusing on trying to be as quick as possible this can also lower your health very quickly. Scarabs and Mummies are probably the biggest threat. The lvl 98 Scarab swarms hit constant 1's and 2's on you very quickly. The lvl 84 Mummies also hit pretty hard. When you're being attacked by one fo these two simply pur on the protection from melee prayer (43 prayer required). If your cautious you will be okay and if you die you shouldn't lose any thing too valuable besides the Pharoa's Sceptre. Alter There is an Alter just south of the Pyramid where you can recharge your prayer. If it falls below 10, try and remember to recharge before starting a new round. Banking Without a Pharoa's Sceptre, banking can be very annoying. If you haven't completed Contact Quest the best way to bank is by using a Glory or Ring Of Dueling to teleport to a bank, before making your way back to the Pyramid. Although, if you have completed the quest Contact you are given acess to a bank which is just outside the pyramid. But, this quest can be difficult for people with lower defence, or do not use guides. World 120/121 World 120 is the main Pyramid Plunder guild world. These world have the most people in them meaning that the doors will be easier to find. This can be can helpful but having the large number of people also means that the doors are changing very often. You can choose to use the world if you wish. See Runescape forums for more details. Teaming Doing Pyramid plunder with a team means that you can reach the room alot quicker meaning alot wuicker exp. Getting a team of 3-5 people and going to an empty world is the best experience, working together to find the doors. Although, when you have to wait for another person to bank.. etc it can become annoying. Experience Per Hour/ Run I worked out how much experience you can get at what levels. These are based on using my mode of operation and that you can get 9-10 runs per hour. lvl 51-60 4-5k exp per run 36-50k exp an hour lvl 61-70 6-7k exp per run 54k-70k exp an hour lvl 71-80 9-11k exp per run 80-110k exp an hour lvl 81-90 13-15k exp per run 115-150k exp an hour lvl 91+ 19-23k exp per run 170-230k an hour kk, thats it =p enjoy plundering. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- By Adamarc99