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  1. Some very impressive skilling there. 76 levels to go :S
  2. Congratulations on 99 and good luck on whatever skill you decide to do next.
  3. Have any jmods replied yet saying whether or not in the future there may be an update so that we can choose to use these options or not?
  4. Good job
  5. Very well done, first time i have seen it done with vestas although i doubt it will be the last. Does this mean that you have finished collecting all your clothes at trouble brewing or was this just for a break from that?
  6. Very nice
  7. Well he finally completed it yesterday but i do agree with you Matt. Even though it is an amazing achievement is it really worth all the time put into it. I myself both could never and would never spend that much time scaping.
  8. Well, As i am sure many skillers have i have also been keep on eye on lover romeo for quite some time (over 2 years). Now to see that he is so close to what will be in my opinion the greatest achievement on runescape to date. (00:31:28) -[MZ]RuneScript- *** [ LOVER_ROMEO ]: [mining] lvl: 99 | exp: 196,047,367 (1504% of 99) | rank: 1 (00:31:32) -[MZ]RuneScript- *** [ LOVER_ROMEO ]: [agility] lvl: 99 | exp: 196,980,233 (1511% of 99) | rank: 1 I guess i am just posting this to get everyones opinion on both him and his upcoming achievement. 1 of the most dedicated skillers out there that i know of.
  9. Wow, Very nice. I don't think i could never spent quite that long at cw without getting extremely annoyed or bored. Good luck with 120 hours of trouble brewing :s
  10. Loving the stock market atm. Made 10k over 2 days then made 12k the following day. Cash out button please
  11. Congratz on 92 agility Is dorg course much faster xp? And is it harder/more annoying than ape atoll?
  12. Well i don't really know much about stock trading so simply invested in an Australian company that i do know and which i don't think should really drop much so hopefully should get some decent profits. Everyone has their different opinions on what they think is the best stock to invest in so it is hard to get advice on it. So i am gonna try to keep it simple with 1 type of stock.
  13. Well lost 10k in 1 day, Now gained 9k in 1 day. The roller coaster that is the stock market :s They say you shouldn't put all your eggs in 1 basket but i can't help myself.
  14. I lost $10,000 in one day. I guess thats what you get for investing in Australian companies lol :s Hopefully should bounce back after the lay offs.
  15. I'm excited, I'm winning! Lol, Almost sad that i am so happy about that.
  16. That is actually a bit shocking... Mainly because, How can you talk that much when mining? lol After all that experience being solitary for most of it i would imagine he is on the border line of going insane.
  17. Or do a me and invest it all. So after 6 months i will either be in the top 3 or i will be last.
  18. Wow, Congratulations on such an amazing achievement.
  19. Thinking about signing up just to see how i go.
  20. You are 1 of the people i have kept my eye on since you first joined supreme skillers. It sounds kinda creepy but there is about 10-15 people i check to see how much xp they gain each week and so on and you are 1 of them. 50m farming xp is amazing. Good job getting 99 Smithing, Construction and 20m Herblore xp.
  21. WOW, Congratulations. I have kept a bit of an eye on you since SR but been busy lately. Didn't realize you were so close to maxing. An amazing achievement.