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  1. This has made scaping and revision compatible.
  2. It is worrying and amazing how Jagex were so willing to shaft their loyal veterans.
  3. I usually pick them up because I want 88 sum for a unicorn asap. Not sure if I would after though, as the xp they give is a bit lame. Though new double xp weekend could be a good time to use them up ( - link to the developer's blog it's in (which is currently the latest one - it's called 'Save the Date!')
  4. You say we're not 10 year olds but the thing is.. well firstly some players are o.O But secondly what could be changed to make it say 16+? With rs it's not that easy for jagex to make a distinctive difference of content being 10+ and 16+
  5. I thought about this lately. How did elishot get 200M thieve exp? Umm about the thread. Well I guess it depends on what you want to do on rs. If you want to max get 138 because you need it
  6. Pink -----
  7. Yes Idk what to though
  8. Happy birthday
  9. Welcome back. Nice to meet you
  10. Grats on 99 agil And gl with your goals
  11. Nice guide Thank you for posting it here
  12. Yes, you still need charms for summoning, for the cannon, Idk. I think there was a misunderstanding there, Marnie meaning do you personally still need your charms for 99 sum - not do you still need to get charms to train sum in general. As for range i think that the fastest way without a cannon/chins is ranging bloodvelds, but i'm not really an expert on cmb as you can probably tell by my cmb level lol (not deliberately 113, just haven't got around to training slayer much yet). If you want 20m slayer exp just do that though. Could melee some tasks/take a break from it if you get bored of ranging. Goodluck.
  13. 605
  14. Blue and kat in edge bank
  15. Grats! :welldone:
  16. 596
  17. 585
  18. How about including.. 1. an apology 2. what you've learned from it (if anything) 3. suggesting a temporary ban. Try not to include anything like no previous offences, "jagex it was slightly your fault", "this player encouraged me to do it" ect.. anything that makes it out as if you're defending yourself. Why not do something that our english teacher told us about. I'll try to quote her to explain better:
  19. I'm not sure if saying you have had no previous black marks ect would be good because it's kind of pleading your case instead of saying sorry. Also they might think "if this glitch had happened in your first day of runescape you might've abused it then, so it doesn't matter if it had come now or in 20 years time of no previous offences." I'd recommend not pleading your case, just apologize and own up to it, and say what you've learned from it if anything. Goodluck
  20. I don't think that that will work. I've never had to do this sort of thing but from what I've heard the best thing to do is admit to your mistake and apologize, and that blaming your mistake on something else gets you nowhere :poster_oops:
  21. Wow grats