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  1. Red Chins have been fixed and are now usable again. I have been buying them up so hopefully they are good as they seem in the videos below. Using Red chins at Daggs on Waterbirth Island. Using Red chins in Abyss
  2. Good luck mate
  3. I didn't realise smelting was that fast, back when i did it you could do around 1300 superheat spells per hour. Thanks for the information
  4. I saw someone with the name BL0WMEPLEASE (The 0 is a zero for those who want to look it up)
  5. Congratz, well done
  6. Probably maxing but defeating nomad with 29 rocktails, 6 sarabrews and 2 super restores left was a good effort for me.
  7. I don't think it is worth changing skills every hr (or however long it takes) getting the rocks for 9.7k xp and a 'cosmetic' reward. I just play the game as if that distraction does not exist.
  8. good luck with your goals
  9. 2-3 i think
  10. SlipperyMoot (lvl-92)
  11. why have stuff i dont need? I like a nice clean bank. Atm all i need is thieving supplies to thieve and cash to merch with People holding ores they will never use, as well as other supplies are better off selling them to have a larger cash pile and cleaner bank.
  12. I've only ever killed corp so i guess that wins.