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  1. I will be slaying for a whole week and see how much xp i can get, atm my goal is 5m xp+ and 50-60 effigys. So yeah my week is done and i actually did 8 days of slaying. Didnt reach my goal of 5m slayer in a week but i was close at 4,699,223 xp in a week. Aswell i joined public slayer war that Supreme Skillers were hosting and improved my daily slayer record to 1,167,601 xp. So i gained a total of 46 effigys in 5,518,466 xp in 8 days of slaying. So thats about 1 effigy per 119k slayer xp. Here you can see my starting tab for slayer, aswell as my charms before starting: My ending slayer tab for gear, here you can see charms gained and cannonballst/ppots/ovls used: My starting slayer tab (loot) before i start, will upload ending loot tab aswell: Ending slayer tab: Tasks i will do: Aberrant spectres Abyssal demons Black demons Bloodvelds Dagannoths Dark beasts Gargoyle Hellhound Ice strykewyrm Mithril dragon Suqah Waterfiends Tasks i wont do or got blocked: Aquanites Blue dragons Desert strykewyrms Greater demons Jungle strykewyrms Kalphites Living Rock Creatures Spiritual mage Terror dog TzHaar Warped tortoise Tasks im not sure of yet: Black dragons Dust devils Fire giants Iron dragon Nechryael Skeletal wyvern Steel dragon This will be my melee gear for most slayer tasks: This will be my slayer gear for wfs: This will be my mage gear for ice strykewyrms: This will be my range gear for black demons: My slayer points atm and tasks i have blocked: My effigys before i start slaying (110) Ending effigys(156)
  2. I'll make a list on the first post about tasks im gonne do and not gonne do
  3. I will get the points ;-)
  4. Whoa congratz and gl on the rest ;-)
  5. Im leading im leading <3
  6. Elite Gamer.. 3. Mark Ew nvm im laate
  7. Boys can pee in a bottle so they can drink alot of energy drinks! ^^,
  8. You are noob! <3

  9. Pfft i'll pwn back ;-)
  10. Fanty has visons!
  11. This will be my post with my goals/achievements/updates. These will be my main goals, but will probably get some others aswell 15.03.2010 Been fishing got lvl 94. 21.04.2010 Long time no update, been doing alot of dung passed 2300 total and atm 74 dung ;-) Let the race begin ;-) <3
  12. I guess 477,555,666 xp! =D
  13. Amen! Thats what im gonne do, well atleast it is my plan ^^,
  14. Glad i dont live there
  15. Start training slayer at once! Gets you cb and charms all in one! =D ~Ryouko X
  16. Yes i'm pretty sure i would have changed my name, atleast take away the x in my name =p Probably change to Chris or Epinefrin or something in thoose lines =p
  17. Hehe busy with all exams and stuff you know ;-) Im doing great by the way, and you?

  18. Happy Birthday Jan ;-) :thumbsup: