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  1. My osrs ironman: 62 days 9 hours 87,255,758 xp 58.3k/hour
  2. I've also had a similar experience recently... Girl told me she had a cat that's not kind to strangers and the cat sleeps in her room... Stayed over, never saw the cat until i got downstairs in the morning. Cat was waiting downstairs, too scared to go upstairs, probably because something felt wrong... Cats are evil.
  3. Cats are evil! I once had a cat sitting next to my head, staring at me when I woke up. Probably thinking "the f*ck are you doing in my spot!", so I grabbed my clothes and left the girls house without leaving my number.
  4. Me with some handlebars and a Belgian flag Me wrecking a Swiss guy Me wrecking a Slovenian guy All at last summers european lacrosse championship
  5. Great speed for ultra hd porn
  6. Played in the European Championships of Lacrosse for the Belgian national team... Ended up with an 80s style beard and 15th place out of 24...
  7. i need that arcade :s
  8. fuck yeah, ill play!
  9. but marnie, you are a noob yourself :s
  10. Did i miss anything? Cuz I don't seem to remember that I have a drinking problem...
  11. where is our may update... Marnie already updated her 120s/200m thingy!
  12. gl kristen, kick that kids ass in a game
  13. im feeling irish tonight
  14. gg kyle