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  1. 99 next week I guess?
  2. Lol dragon darts. Or something.
  3. Well duh. True On the topic of science TPUM thinks the moon is made of cheese.
  4. You'll still manage to get mining before I get fish
  5. Gratz on 90. Nolyf.
  6. Gratz on 99 Thief or whatever. And Agil. And Sceptre #<insert number> nolyfmore.
  7. Gratz. Use a translator.
  8. Why pay to get fit, when you can get paid to get fit. Paperound4win. Wii's own though. SSBB says it all.
  9. Thugs are faster until 91, where it's about the same as PP but PP has less clicking. Theres a few guides around now, first is probably Zarfot on RSB.
  10. Make more potions. Faster.
  11. '...what you can do at higher levels...' Theres nothing new though.
  12. Gratz on stuff. And 50 posts. Get 99 Herb before I go to Spain K. Fast. Now. GO.
  13. 70/98/99 Crafting 85/97/99 Farming 75/75/80 Summoning Nice.
  14. 4:38 Edit: Past my bedtime.
  15. 5/8 Flying cows
  16. Youtube Video ->
  17. I demand credit for the level 76 pic.
  18. Gratz on 99 Crafting!! Gud nolyf skills. Now then. My cape is still nicer. Go get something else.
  19. Wow cool levels! GL on 99 craft Oscar. You smell anyway. :thumbsup: