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  1. This is how I do the Gods. It's fast and easy. It's a slightly different order then Season so just use what works best for you. 1) Start with the flower and add your hunter potion. It does not matter if anything else is growing in the other patches. I always have herbs planted and don't ever dig them up. Besides you only need 4 of the 5 patches to get the god Jadinko. 2) The feature. Remove the feature and wait a few seconds to see it you get a message. You will usually get a message that says you have meet 2 or 3 of the requirements. If you do not the change the feature until you do. working from the top of the list down. 3) The bush. dig up the bush and wait a few seconds to see if you get a message. If you do not plant a different bush. You should also get a message that tells you if the requirements went down as in you removed a bush that you should have kept. however I don't always get that message so don't count on it. 4)The tree. If buy now you do not have all 4 requirements then remove the tree and plant another. Keep doing this until you get the message all 4 requirements have been meet. the message appears in red for zammy, green for guthix and blue for sara. The gods use different color flowers so to get the next god change your flower and repeat the rest of the steps 2-4 This is what I pack in my invo and if all goes well you should have all 3 done in 5 to 10 min. 3 Apple trees 3 Orange trees 3 Banana trees 5 Kalferberry 5 Lergberry 5 Red blossom 5 Green blossom 5 Blue blossom A final note. I have noticed that in most cases the tree remains the same for all 3 gods so you prob wont have to change it for the next 2 gods. Also having an empty patch is also an option! If you want a place holder for your mask like I do the after catching the 3 gods and before you talk to Papa drop your mask on the ground and he will give you another one.
  2. TY for the guide. there is info here that there isn't on tip it or the other guides
  3. Yes I had help doing it and idk how to make it any bigger either =(
  4. Well here it is. I'm sure I won't live up to your expectations so no laughing plz =\ I also don't know how to paste them together so kyle will bitch and make fun of me but at least you can see everything.
  5. Hmmmmm 200m firemaking 200m crafting 200m thieving 50m con 50m prayer Front page Max out new skill
  6. Nicely done Shey
  7. very clever idea
  8. I'm really impressed. Very nice job compiling the data
  9. Grats on your crown Mike :D

  10. Woot for you Fanty =)
  11. Not exactly happy with my name. I'd probably change it given the chance
  12. Ditto bring back no trade limit.
  13. Happy birthday Kyle =)