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  1. max on 07
  2. Got 120 con and 120 agil over bxpw. Then got this today: 22/26
  3. skill - how i'm going to train it rc - daily challenge w/ daily teles & bloods through abyss agility - silverhawks hunter - grenwalls w/ crystallise divination - cache, turning memories in on bxpw, train it normally mining - serens while afking homework w/ superheat prayer/granite with crystallise smithing - smithing sucks so it'll prob be last, but i'll do r2h/skirts/legs woodcutting - evil elders & crystallise teaks fishing - div bubbles/barb fish/new method coming out?? farm - daily tree runs (magic & papaya) / wbs construction - bxpw/enlightment/wbs/normally if necessary, will be one of my last at the time of writing this im 4167m, post if you have any suggestions on what i could do differently
  4. i've posted this before but i will post it again and again
  5. yes
  6. 1 billion g's
  7. Gettin closer, grats! <3