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  1. Would love to say 1b overall exp, 400m this year. Who knows?
  2. Assholes
  3. Good luck man, I could never go for Trim! Comp will kill me alone
  4. Whats good bro
  5. Reversing phoenix so much win
  6. Should be interesting to see the outcome
  7. Ok G500 ordered for the mouse, microsoft sidewinder x4 for the keyboard and also ordered an identical 23" screen for a dual display.. Oops
  8. Time has come for me to finally upgrade my keyboard/mouse.. Fed up of this shitty wireless set that came with the desktop. So this is where you guys could possibly help me.. Obviously I want USB not wireless keyboard/mouse. Any suggestions on what good gaming ones I could buy? Thanks
  9. Nearly 2b nice man
  10. If you aren't using your current RSN for RS07 and you've made a new account for the game to play 13 and 07 at the same time post your new names here!
  11. ingame still counts