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  1. jesus christ scoots has a g&a now 1 of these days hes gonna post like "hai guise im maxed" and put a goatse pic on the first post lll
  2. I'd definitely play it.
  3. Good luck marnie
  4. Edit: no one was understanding the pic I put up so I put up a new one D:
  5. Congrats sir ;o
  6. go get a glory and some d boots u wannabe
  7. nise u pr0 nao
  8. Hi

    dannni WHO? gratz. u still fail.
  9. +1 Gets boring after the first sheet
  10. Me too. You all fail at spotting me.
  11. +1
  12. Jeez, if anyone I wouldve expected Banned_Moo to make this thread rofl, it was all he was talking about yesterday
  13. gratz
  14. gratz ;o
  15. 4:34, which also just happens to be the time atm.
  16.|H nuff said
  17. gratz on 99 drug making free weed pls :dance:
  18. Lmfao.