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  1. grats on 99 rc rae and gl on 99 slay!
  2. Happy birthday Jan!!
  3. cute kitty now i want to know whats in that dont look folder
  4. I'm so jealousssss. LOL at ice cream std toilet
  5. salty chinese or italian food?
  6. Ya, I'm late but grats anyways.
  7. Grats on 99 hps and an early grats on 99 attack!
  8. Ok so I've got a top 11. (in no special order) fight club eternal sunshine of the spotless mind not another teen movie pan's labyrinth dan irl jay and silent bob strike back monty python and the holy grail labyrinth blow goodfellas scary movie 2
  9. One morrreeee!
  10. IDk anyone in it, but the opening ceremony was awesome. :thumbsup: I usually only watch the gymnastics.
  11. Grats Nate keep it up!
  12. Grats on 99 mage Jan!
  13. Grats!