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  1. Interesting, wonder how much it would cost to visit all the places, bookmarked.
  2. Damn about time, grats <3
  3. will definitely come back and play if this happens
  4. 1,6b? i sir, am impressed.
  5. pro skiller, keep going emily!
  6. Hey man, add me back again and lets have a chat if you remember me good luck!
  7. dude i been doin nothin at all lately...havnt even been on these forums til kristen linked me to her halloween thingy lol but whats good

  8. Holy shit, where you been bro

  9. Tried Daniel when I first started, didn't work, tried Danni, didn't work tried Dannni, worked. Got hacked later on and made Dannni_Yea.
  10. Good luck with your goal
  11. Can you make one :]?