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  1. predict something about TPUM....The person under me...and they then state if it is true or false...and make another statement... eg. person 1: TPUM has a high cmb lvl than me person 2: True, TPUM is a noob person 3: false... i'll start TPUM loves Summoning
  2. basically think of a reason why the person above would be banned from RS, could be anything like: banned because you always write it orange!
  3. Happy birthday trev!

  4. I know Dan started this one before the forum was taken down but ill start it up again. Rules: State something you know about the person who posted before you
  5. Yeah, lol at the latest oots. man haleys nemesis(forgotten the name) is dumb! "PICKLE DEATH ATTACK!"

  6. Obama 12, Mcain 1
  7. dakkkie! you know the bunny richard has in LFG and how the sisters of light worship teh giant bunny!? i just put two and two together ^^

  8. pro bump guys :thumbsup:
  9. Hello Evil Little Leprechaun Oracles. Whats Eating Every Nose? HEROES
  10. Laughable Art Taken Round Palace ofc kghvod
  11. its smexi, and i'm now blind. 9/10
  12. Poltergiests Give Insurrectionists Secret To Every Known Atomicbomblocation MUGGLE
  13. old but still good (and i have no idea what its from) 7/10
  14. true, i won't even be in on Halloween TPUM is soooo going to go see High school musical 3!
  15. Vicious Rodents Often Own Machetes KAPOW!
  16. I'm going as a barrel of nuclear waste (h)
  17. Kids In Teen Terror Tv Eat Nappies!!!! ZXQYUV
  18. sticks and stones will break his bones and that will probably hurt a lot.
  19. non-existent -5/10 <3
  20. Very cool! 8/10
  21. As most of you know, i've been in India for the past month and so i thought i'd share some of my photo's/memories/stories with you all. photo #1, the entire team in heathrow after arriving in Delhi airport, we had to get taxi's to the british embassy. lets just say the roads are a little different in India. they're bumpy, the road lines are more guide lines and they use their horn just to say "hello". in my taxi, my door was slightly open. so, whilst driving, our driver leans back, opens and closes the door, faces forwards again and swerves to narrowly miss a tree a funny sign outside a rest stop waaait a minute! these aren't herbs for food! ummm, yeah. at the town we were staying in for a few days, it was generally known as "the marijuana capital of the India". mainly because it just grew by the side of the road like in the photo ELEEEEEPPPPPHHHHAAAAAANNNNTTTTT!!!!!!!!! haute cuisine? mooo! a scarecrow in a tree? ummm, okay. our project phase. painting a local school well, right before this picture was taken, the group was in a river washing and so on (it was freezing, brrr). anyway, we had a crowd of local boys (who would never have seen a girl as uncovered as wearing just a swim suit) who were basically perving on the girls in our group. funnily enough, once the girls got out and our team leader (the man at the front of the next picture) got in, they all left :S hardcore walking! Big rock + pretty views = gud pic! local children who went to the school ooooh, pertty! woof woof! well, in this pic we have a dog with us, we called him Reg and he became our mascot . he accompanied us for the first 5 days, but eventually we had to leave him because he couldnt cross this river in the pulley bridge like we did follow da leada! pool party these were natural hot springs! oh my were they hot. anyway, this was day2 of our trek in the himalayas, girls had to go inside the hut on the left of the photo for some reason. one of many river crossings the view down the valley (the shadows are me and my friend) open air temple he's looking the wrong way! oh yeah, this is the guy in my tent who woke up on the summit day when it was freezing cold. continued to wake me up and say in a russian accent "aidan please, my dick is cold, and i've heard the mouth is the warmest part of the body. please aidan please" a cairn stone! me and a friend had a go at making one ourselves. cairn stones traditionally line the route so travellers don't get lost. we think ours was pretty good. a pretty cool view we woke up one day and found foggy? the morning of our summit day (this was actually about 5am, eek! the huge slide of ice we climbed up the fantastic views from the highest point on our trek! ok, i lie. the views were terrible because, unluckily, the one time it rained/snowed was the day we made it over the peak. it still felt great to be there though, as you can see by the smiles on our faces in the next 2 pics is that weird yellow fog? naahh, its just the emergency tent we put up because it was snowing the village of mud (no jokes, thats its name) ummm, oooookayyyy... hrrrmmmmm :S CAMEL!!!!! the taj mahal, quite busy any of you wanting to see the taj mahal? well, it was fairly nice to say i've done, and you did get this one majestic view of it. but apart from that, it was really really boring . not the best wonder of the world. someone made some friends thats just not health & safety at all now is it. ok well thats all of the select pictures i'm going to put up and most of the stories i can remember. if anyone wants anymore details you can ask me. i'll probably say no but its worth a try. i hope you enjoy the pics. oh and if you have a problem with it all being in orange. tough. Adon1
  22. Kyle's so fat, Ben Kenobi said "that's no moon! that's kyle!"
  23. lol zeke you golden oldie!
  24. false - true TPUM is paranoid!
  25. His name isn't daniel :S its dannni grats on the rcin and farming dannni