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    Basketball, Tennis (coaching and playing), skiing, bike jumping & Runescape. Another interest is writing in orange coloured writing. yeah i'm cool, get over it.
  1. Happy Birthday! :)

  2. Happy birthday trev!

  3. Yeah, lol at the latest oots. man haleys nemesis(forgotten the name) is dumb! "PICKLE DEATH ATTACK!"

  4. Obama 12, Mcain 1
  5. lol, you think richards bunny and the sisters' bunny are connected somehow? XD

    ye still reading oots and erfworld btw?

  6. dakkkie! you know the bunny richard has in LFG and how the sisters of light worship teh giant bunny!? i just put two and two together ^^

  7. pro bump guys :thumbsup:
  8. Hello Evil Little Leprechaun Oracles. Whats Eating Every Nose? HEROES
  9. Laughable Art Taken Round Palace ofc kghvod
  10. its smexi, and i'm now blind. 9/10
  11. Poltergiests Give Insurrectionists Secret To Every Known Atomicbomblocation MUGGLE
  12. old but still good (and i have no idea what its from) 7/10
  13. true, i won't even be in on Halloween TPUM is soooo going to go see High school musical 3!
  14. Vicious Rodents Often Own Machetes KAPOW!
  15. I'm going as a barrel of nuclear waste (h)