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  1. Happy Birthday! I know I'm early, I have no idea where you went either, but I hope you have a good day

  2. fletch in 2005 sometime
  3. Get mIRC, RuneScape client from, and get ZScreen from It automatically uploads you screenshots and you have the option for it to save the screen shots and or edit them in it's settings. and Cost $0. mIRC is supposed to cost 20.00 but seeing that I've had it for 3449 days and still not a registered copy.. Paying isn't really necessary
  4. Agil, mining, and ummm con D: i hate training them D:
  5. u pro!!!!!!!!
  6. grats fanta
  7. grats <3
  8. #12

  9. A big cut back is always good, its what I'm doing now. I play almost everyday for about an hour or 2 each day. It's still having fun just the pressure to have to out due yourself is just gone, playing for fun comes back.
  10. I didnt think the result of saving slayer points would be like that.. good thing im not picky for mine (well since going for 99 str/def ive been skipping so i get better str/def xp type tasks) 92-99 is all points grats btw
  11. you're a freakin beast
  12. hi
  13. *feels like armadyling* ;o
  14. [23:21] <[email protected]> uh no