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  1. congrats
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    Happy birthday
  4. I hope its fake.
  5. Hey I know you you =P
  6. Hi wb
  7. mIRC press ALT+r and the remote editor comes up paste it in and it hit save as Name it and then file new to add another. They don't work for SS SK or Chatzilla.
  8. http://forum.swiftirc.net/viewforum.php?f=...057cd49a0dcbd80 Tons of scripts are there from dm to stats to away on *:BAN:#: { if ($me ishop $chan) || ($me isop $chan) { if ($banmask iswm $address($me,5)) { mode $chan -b $banmask | msg # $nick Don't Ban me! } } else { if ($banmask iswm $address($me,5)) { cs unban $chan | msg # $nick Don't Ban me! } } } Unban script, only useful if you have halfop or higher in a chan. if someone bans you it will unban, obvious by the name. on *:input:#: { if (+* iswm $1) { mode $chan $1 $2- } if (-* iswm $1) { mode $chan $1 $2- } } A simple modes script , for example type +v dannni and it sets the mode or +i and it sets the mode. Alias AFK { if (%.away. [ $+ [ $network ] ] == $null) { set %.away. $+ $network hi set %.ctime. $+ $network $ctime set %.nick. $+ $network $me set %.message. $+ $network 0 .raw nick UR NICK set %.1-. $+ $network $iif($1-,$1-,No Reason Given) ame AWAY $iif($1-. [ $+ [ $network ] ],$1-,No Reason Given) Left at $time(hh:nn:ss TT) .raw away $iif($1-,$1-,No Reason Given) halt } else { ame Back from %.1-. [ $+ [ $network ] ] I was gone for $duration($calc($ctime - $($+(%,.ctime.,$network),2))) .raw away .raw nick %.nick. [ $+ [ $network ] ] unset %.*. $+ $network } } Just one the many away scripts I found on the forums, I didn't have a chance to test but I see no reason why it won't work. If you use it remember to the change the URNICK to whatever you want and the trigger is /afk REASON Also For simple things like auto joining channels or identifying your password Tools > Options > Connect Category > Options > Perform > Enable perfom on connect Check box > Select the swiftirc network > Add things like /ns id PASSWORD and /join #a,#b,#c
  9. Have like 100+ and no idea what kind you are looking for.
  10. Hi wb
  11. Congrats to both Dannni is a noob
  12. Hi Trevor the noob.
  13. Yeah it split all night(for me).
  14. Mine pure ess and sell it
  15. Good luck, add some pictures soon? current stat pic or something?
  16. Congrats, good luck on both.
  17. A few colors all have one vote, we need more votes.
  18. The three of us(steven an event script on) need to decide who will do it, sooo spammy atm. EDIT: If we decide to use yours or stevens please make it where they aren't PM/query.
  19. Nice guide