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  1. blah was double post
  2. Gratz Vicki Was actually thinking about it a bit ago how far u were nice to see u got it. Don't know whats next but gl
  3. gratz on the dg marnie gl with livid farm. i noticed the new diary just havent done it, but domi tower seems like a lot idk GL
  4. licks, awhh a comment just like old times ^^

  5. Shouldn't take too long good luck and enjoy
  6. lmao Kristen and i still have like 9-10k cooking urns. Maybe i should cook
  7. Nice kinda the same what i wanted too lol 200m dg cook and pass 1b total Reading this makes me wanna get it too haha Good luck with it and you can do it ^^ will keep an eye on ur topic
  8. nice progress, keep up the leveling and drops
  9. Nathalie Portman was pretty hot in black swan but i think id go for scarlett Mila Kunis or Nina Dobrev
  10. What a noobie <3
  11. not 2496 but gratz on max cape
  12. Very nice, 200m hunt ugh good luck
  13. Be more active with my friends and have fun have a trip to london and usa Just enjoy life quit rs end of the year?
  14. Rs goals for 2013 for sure: 200m dg 200m cooking 200m thieving 20m all skills comp cape (after new skills) maybe 50m slayer and summoning trim comp cape (yea rite)