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  1. Hai guise im maxed <inappropriate picture from my stupid years>
  2. MOR MIGHT just get 99 before end of summer lol
  3. Would have taken 2 days but i got incredibly bored with runescape. I Still am but trying to mine on.
  4. That was expectable
  5. doing misc event
  6. gnffghfg
  7. Took nearly a week because of a hard drive failure
  8. Slowly getting used to the new one, getting to like it
  9. If jagex added: * Always on top * Screenshot button Insted of updating there shitty client after 4 years to update the icon id use it.
  10. managed two levels today, got annoyed with summoning 10k off level >.<
  11. yes for weekend.
  12. no qfc no prove
  13. I like this skill, just fucked with coursework so trying 100k a day