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  5. Hardwoods : Lumby(t) > Fally(t) > Taverly(t) > Varrock(t) > Grand Tree(sp.tree in ge) > Finish hardwood, Get fruits > Grand tree > Tree gnome(sp.tree) > Lletya(t) > Brimhaven(t, bring calqaut) > Catherby. Thats the order I did my Magic trees, and Palm trees in, probably help you if your doing trees, seeing as their probably the fastest exp.
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  9. Dagganoth Kings Guide By: 0xl Ixxl Ix0 *note* try to post on runescapecommunity too please - http://www.zybez.net/community/index.php?showtopic=924996 Table of Contents 1.0 - Introduction2.0 - Where It's Located3.0 - The Dagganoth Kings4.0 - Inventory Set-ups / Combat Styles5.0 - How to Successfully Kill Them6.0 - Frequently Asked Questions7.0 - Credits__________________________________________________________________________ 1.0 - Introduction ? This guide explains how to fight the Dagganoth Kings in a 3-man team, or just soloing. ? The Dagganoth Kings are made up of 3 Kings in a room in which all can attack you at once if you do not kill them properly. So for all those who are not experienced enough, I don't encourage you to try until you gain enough skill to be able to kill these. The reason for killing these monsters is mainly for their drops, they drop: Dragon Axes, Mud Battle staff, The four combat rings - Berserker, Warrior, Seers, Archer, And a Seercull. Most of these drops can be sold for major profit and are common drops here. I will explain in more details the aspects of killing the Dagganoth Kings further on. __________________________________________________________________________ 2.0 - Where It's Located The Dagganoth Kings are Located in the Water birth Dungeon. Once inside there is a maze you have to go through in order to get to the Kings. Once you go down the ladder you will be in a big room with 3 Dagganoth Kings, and a ton of Spinolyps ( Level 76's). Here is a layout of the area and what is needed to know before you venture off into the dungeon. __________________________________________________________________________ 3.0 - The Dagganoth Kings Dagganoth Rex: Dagannoth Rex is the firstborn of the Dagannoth Kings. He is known as the "Melee" Dagganoth king, He can hit more than one person in 1 hit. His weakness is magic and he is block able. His best drops are: Dragon Axe, Berserker Ring, Warrior Ring, Level 3 Clues, Rock shell Armor, Dragon Meds. Dagganoth Prime: A legendary dagannoth king, rumoured to fly on the North winds. This is the strongest hitting King of the three. It uses magic based attack and I've been hit a 49. Prayer is a MUST when the Prime is alive. His weakness is range and isn't block able it can attack you from anywhere in the dungeon. His best drops are: Dragon Axe, Mud Battlestaff, Seers Ring, Dragon Shield Left Half, Level 3 Clues, Skeletal Armor. Dagganoth Supreme: The Dagannoth King Responsible for the Death of Bulkalla. This is the ranger of the three Kings. Prayer is also recommended on the Supreme when the Prime isn't out. Seeing as it hits 29's. His weakness is melee, and likewise with the Prime it can attack you from anywhere. His best drops are: Dragon Axe, Archer Ring, Seercull, Dragon Meds, Dragon Shield Left Half, Level 3 Clues, Spined Armor. Items in which are only dropped by the Dagganoth Kings: __________________________________________________________________________ 4.0 - Inventory Set-ups / Combat Styles Hybrids gear and inventory set-up. I recommend being 90+ in Attack, Strength, Defense, Range and Hit points for Hybriding. Equipment -Full Guthans w/ Spear -Barrows Guants/ Rune Guants/Vambraces -Dragon Boots/ Rune Boots/ Ranger Boots -Zammorak Stole/ Fury/ Glory -Ring of Wealth/ Ring of Life -Zammy Book/ None -Rune Crossbow w/ Ruby (E) bolts. ( I recommend these because you have the ability to hit 51's with special ) -Ava's Accumulator Inventory -Karil's top and bottom/ Black Dragon hides -Dd(p++)/ Dragon hally -Prayer pots (4) -Saradomin Brew (4) -Super Restore (4) -Super Anti poison (4) -Sharks (up to you on how many you bring, but substitute prayer pots with shark if needed) -Teletabs or any 1 click teleport. Mages gear and inventory set-up. I recommend having 80+ mage for maging Rex. Equipment -Full Guthans w/ Spear -Barrows Gaunts/ Rune Gaunts -Dragon Boots/ Rune Boots/ Wizard Boots -Fury/ Glory -Ring of Wealth/ Ring of Life -Granite Shield/ Obby Shield -Skill Cape/ Obby Cape/ Legends -Slayer Staff (requires 55 slayer and 50 mage) Inventory -4 Super Anti Poison (4) -2 Prayer Potion (4) -4 Super Restore (4) -8 Saradomin Brew (4) -1k-2k Slayer Dart spells ( 1 Death and 4 Minds ) -1 click teleport -6 Sharks __________________________________________________________________________ 5.0 - How to Successfully Kill Them This is a layout of the area where the Dagganoth Kings are. 3-Man team (2 Hybrids, 1 Mage): (Sorry the animated pictures are such crap quality, It's really the best they can be I believe and I'm slowly updated all off them so it looks better.) Mages Job: Once you get to the last ladder which leads to the dungeon with the 3 kings, Have the mage go down first. Mage pray HAS to be on. His job is to attack the Dagganoth Rex and run to his safe spot, see the picture up there to understand how to get rex stuck. You have to attack rex then run to the North red square wait for Rex to get close to you then run South red square. While he is doing this the two Hybrids are upstairs waiting for the mage to lure Rex away from the Prime and Supreme. Hybrids Job: After the Mage has gotten Rex secluded from the rest, The two Hybrids now go down the ladder with mage pray on, and attack the Dagganoth Supreme. You use your Dd(p++) specials, then switch to the Guthan War spear and finish the Supreme off. If needed eat shark/drink Saradomin brew + Super restore. It is recommended to use piety and Protect one item for the first Supreme, Because while fighting the first Supreme you have the Prime + the Supreme on you and you have mage pray on. So, the Supreme can range you for 25+. When the Supreme is killed, you now need to switch to wearing Karil's top/bottom or Dragon hides and equip your rune crossbow+ zammy book. Run to the area where you need to range the Prime so that if the Supreme spawns too fast it won't attack you. If needed while fighting the Prime you can heal on the Spinolyps, or just wait til the Supreme spawns. And once the Prime is dead this is when the Supreme should be up, so you can switch to range protect and run to the spot where the Supreme spawns and just wear your full guthans and spear and kill him. I usually just use one Dd(p++) spec each Supreme. With the Guthans on you will be able to heal while killing the Supreme. So try not to waste Saradomin Brews unless you have to. Mages Job(cont.): The mages job doesn't stop after you lure Rex once and kill him. You then have to lure Rex every time after you kill him as FAST as possible to keep from the Rex getting on the Hybrids. So, what you do is, after you have killed Rex the first time you can stand here and click your Slayer dart spell off of the Magic Spell book like this: Once Rex spawns you need to attack him right away and after you have thrown one Slayer dart spell at him run to the North red square and wait until the Rex gets close enough, Be careful not to let Rex get close to the Hybrids if they are fighting the Prime. Once the Rex is close run back to the South red square. And then you continue killing Rex. Here are some spots you can stand for blocking Rex: Note: While maging try to refrain from using all your Saradomin Brews whenever you need to heal. There are Spinolyps along the safe spots of where you mage Rex, heal on them with your guthans. Only drink Sara brews if you have too. That is unless you don't wanna last all 1.5k casts you bring. Soloing Rex (1-4 mages and/or Suicider): Much like the 3-man team method except all you will be doing is killing Rex. So you might ask, Why only Rex? Well, He's the only one you don't neccessarly need a "full team" for. Just you or if you tag a friend along to mage with you. Rex drops Dragon Axes(2.8m) and Berserker rings(2.6m) which if you notice neither Supreme or Prime drop two high priced items such as those. Primes two drops that are expensive are Dragon axe(2.8m) and Mud staff(1.6m). Supreme Dragon axe(2.8m) and Archer ring(1.2m). So you can see that Rex drops better, another reason why people only solo Rex is it's GREAT mage xp. Their are two ways to approach soloing Rex, One way is to just get a friend who is willing to bring 3 items with some shark/ p pot to just die in the middle of the room while you run to the Rex safe spot. OR if you go with 2 mages+ then there is a more mild way to doing this without a suicider. If you both are fairly high combat stats, you can just toat along a Dd(p++) in your invetory, for killing the Supreme. Suicider Method: This is the method you will need to be having a friend who will come with you to help you get through the path and then while you go down the last set of stairs leading to the dagganoth kings your suicider will keep the Supreme and the Prime off you (the mage) while you run to the Rex safe spots. Here is a picture of the recommended gear and Inventory setup for the Suicider: This isn't really mandatory gear, It just gives you an idea on what you could wear, Except the rune thrown axes are needed, you can purchase them from the tribal seller at range guild. (There needed for the 3 doors) Here is the Mage set-up for Soloing Rex: Okay, once your all geared up and everything this is what you need to do. Once your at the ladder that leads to the dagganoth kings you both need to have mage pray on. It doesn't really matter who goes down the ladder first, Just make sure that the Supreme and the Prime stay on the Suicider at all times. And the person who is maging needs to run straight east to the safe spots from Rex, You don't have to attack Rex or anything just go there and wait til your suicider dies/ teleports. And WALAH! your done and set for a 2-4 hour long Rex solo. One more thing, If the Prime ever gets on you, you need to pray mage immediatly if not already, and finish killing rex, Then after you have killed him your gonna need to brew up to full hp and prayer and stand in one of the safe spots from Rex and either don't move your mouse or anything til you log off, or what I do is I use mozilla firefox so I open another tab and close the tab in which runescape is on. What this does is after 2 minutes of combat your runescape character will log off and the Prime will no-longer be attacking you when you log on. Alternative (if you can't get a suicider): Mage set-up: For this method you will need to have more than 1 mage to be coming to solo with you. Reason is because you both will be killing the Supreme with your Dd(p++) / Guthan spears. And just having one person involved getting hit to much by the Supreme. Alright once you make it to the ladder leading to the dagganoth kings, You need to have protect from magic on and your dd(p++)'s equipped (optional having piety on too). Once you go down stairs both of you use your specials on the Supreme and then switch to Guthan spear after specials are gone ( note: drop shark or pot to wield spear if no inventory space) O nce the Supreme is dead you then need to put your staffs on and attack Rex then lure him to the safe spot ( the Prime is still on you so keep mage pray on) once the Rex is dead , you will notice if one of you move away from another that the Prime is only on one of you. The one person who the Prime is on will need to do what I mentioned up there which is either : Move your mouse cursor off of runescape for 2 minutes while you log off, or open another tab on mozilla firefox/ I.E. and close the Runescape tab. And Reload and log in and the Prime is off you. Warning: When doing that trick I told you could do, PLEASE be sure to have full prayer points and Over 80 HP. __________________________________________________________________________ 6.0 - Frequently Asked Questions Q: What happens when Dagganoth Rex attacks the Hybrids while they're on the Supreme? ? A: There are three solutions to this: 1. The mage can equip Guthan spear and help the Hybrids finish Supreme, Then Hybrids run upstairs and let the mage bring Rex to the safe spot. 2. The mage can just continue maging the Rex til the Hybrids finish the Supreme, Then Hybrids run upstairs and let mage bring Rex to safe spot. 3. Hybrids can just run upstairs right away and let the mage lure Rex to safespot, Then Hybrids come back down and continue. Q: If my team is fighting the Supreme and the Prime pops up, Do I pray Mage or Range? ? A: MAGE! Seeing as it can hit 2x the amount the Supreme can. Q: What do I do when another team comes into our world? ? A: Well, Most teams would just go upstairs and leave and not bother trying to steal your world. But, in the case that they don't do that, Just have everyone run upstairs and log off east of the ladder. And just hop worlds and continue. __________________________________________________________________________ 7.0 - Credits 0xl Ixxl Ix0: Wrote the Guide. Gr Balla: Helped out with few things on guide. Runescape Knowledge Base: For a few pictures/ Some Information. Imageshack.us: Hosting my Pictures. Zybez.net: Dagganoth Kings dungeon layout picture HyperCam: Used to record the .gif's Camtasia: Used to produce videos into .gif's If there are any questions feel free to PM me on forums.
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