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  1. wot she said
  2. overall you sucked hard though
  3. if you could get good now that it's 2017 that'd be cool
  4. If you're running NXT then RS is more GPU heavy. If running Java then it is CPU heavy
  5. this is why you suck
  6. It's for those of us using crystal rod instead of the rodomatic
  7. lol u missed cache writing this
  8. I forgot to post that.. good job azn
  9. So really no different than normal, haha
  10. Marnie does tend to drag on when she's had a few of those wines...
  11. hopefully this makes them seriously consider 120 skills
  12. Not going to post the content of the thread like kyle has in the OP however here's a QA it seems was done about the prestige system....,17,252,65178606
  13. fuck i need a good chair like that
  14. Start again? No real new content?.. No point
  15. fm is easy, go for [email protected]
  16. Good riddance m8
  17. about time
  18. xax where u been

  19. Yay! Gratz on 85 dungeoneering and 2300 total level!
  20. !! Gratz on 85 herblore!
  21. He wishes he was David
  22. 513k exp, can you get another RC level before the weekend is up?!
  23. Yay gratz finally got that evil agility level!