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  1. this thread is funny as hell sorry lol
  2. sup brad nice talking to you on skype bro
  3. nice view
  4. grats
  5. nice dude u a beast
  6. it took you geting declined to pay pink back a lousy 10mil. as far as i see it people around here dont like scammers and i would like to think i can trust everyone in this clan as far as lending shit out or spliting drops from what i heard u leeched the kills anywase. i read this wanting to be mean but im not being mean ive had everyone in this clan dislike me before and i made ammends before rejoining i think everyone deserves a chance maybe if you just apologize people will forgive you.. or maybe not
  7. falcons
  8. this is awesome
  9. grats! grind out 120 already
  10. congrats gl on 120 dg
  11. for sure 200mil cooking 200mil firemaking 200mil magic 200mil dg 1.6bil exp maybe 50mil slayer 50mil rc 20mil plus exp all skills
  12. nice you can organize my bank my is a wreck