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  1. Lol bored at work and came across this. Not the sort of thing I can post on Carnival's forums. I miss you bunch of delinquents. <3
  2. Many years ago someone posted a similar thing on these forums, but Kyle wouldn't help me find it, cuz he is totally lazy. So, I spent an entire workday creating my own version. The ScenarioYou are imprisoned for the next 30 years with no chance of escape. In your 12 by 12 foot cinder block cell you have a toilet, toilet paper, sink & towel, small table, 1 wooden chair, wall shelf to store your stuff, 1 drinking cup, a single bed, blanket, pillow, prison clothes/shoes. All replaced or repaired as needed.You are given 3 meals a day that cover the food groups but only provide 1000 calories for females, 1400 for males. (For your information, the recommended healthy calorie intake is 1200 for females and 1800 for males.) You are provided these meals daily: Breakfast: 1 cup of porridge/oatmeal and a glass of milk Lunch: 1 sandwich (egg/peanut butter/tuna), salad with dressing or soup and a glass of milk Dinner: 1 plate with a portion of rice, vegetable and protein with a glass of fruit juice (you get what you get) For the purposes of this scenario, if you have irl allergies, etc. replace the above choices with one of similar value in your head.You are given 300 coins to spend once. How would you spend them? Instructions: Open the google document with the link below, add your name to the top of the first available column and distribute your 300 coins as you wish.
  3. Grats Paxy, same day I got 4b!
  4. Adorable cat trying to warm up on a cold day.
  5. You can do it! It will match your woodcutting cape.
  6. 120 base done!!! and finally spam
  7. Good progress!
  8. Now if only they would find a way to show us in our cc who has the avatars.
  9. Anagogic orts have been given virtual storage! Therefore: Players can now convert their ort objects to free-up bank space, up to 200,000. Renewing clan avatar buffs will no longer require carrying anagogic orts. Picking up orts will automatically increase the ort storage. Players can go to the Clan Scribe to see how many orts they have in storage and what their current daily gathering limit is. The Quartermaster or their clan's avatar will also provide the same information if talked to while the buff is active. A new quick chat line has been added to boast about how many orts the player has in storage.
  10. Found this link on reddit that tells you how many people in the USA share your name. 6,436 people named Marnie, but only 4 share my last name as well.
  11. Jan. 2014 = 87,274 Aug. 2014 = 104,261 Mar. 2015 = 132,950 Jan. 2016 = 169,325
  12. Congratulations! You will live to rc another day.