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  1. Nice your interface layout is horrible though
  2. Don't listen to many dubstep songs but I like this one.
  3. You should beat Portugal, they are a bunch of cry baby theatrical douchebags. Altidore is mediocre player in a mediocre Dutch club in our mediocre competition.
  4. Gl with those last levels
  5. Gl against Italy in a bit
  6. We just anal butt raped Spain without lube, it was nice
  7. Keeper ? I think you mean striker. But yea obvious fake dive and ref was very bad and definitely in favor of Brazil.
  8. Thanks for the info
  9. If that is 850k/hr at 2x exp then thats rly bad. I got 3M xp in 2 hrs, which is 750k xp/hr at normal xp, 1.5m/hr at 2x xp. Using mousekeys ofc but they shouldn't make *that* big of a difference. Well I was slacking, no avatar buff and no construction outfit.
  10. I did 2 hours of construction: Method: Mahogany tables XP: 1,700,000 (850,000 xp/hr) Materials: 6k Mahogany planks GP Cost: 14,720,000 GP/XP: 8,6
  11. I have been busy optimizing the background tool since the code and cookie generation / reading was a mess. It was also not functioning correctly for me personally and maybe for others as well. I have added a default background, color and board width because the old way (when the tool was never used) looked horrible. The background tool Functions: Setting a background colorSetting a background style (transparent texture)Setting a custom background imageChanging the board widthTo use the background tool you will see the options icon floating in the bottom right on tracker and forums: Setting a background color You can select a background color by clicking on the color picker button: This will pop up a color picker, click on the green confirm button to set the new background color Setting a background style If you want to use one of the textures that works with the background color you can select one of the transparent textures. Setting a custom background image If you have a custom image you want as a background you can put the url in and it will be stored. TIP: if your image has for example a black background then set a black background with the color picker Changing the board width Here you can set the board width for forums and tracker. Let me know if you have any problems with it.
  12. wow, really really long time ago ! welcome back You could try Slayer with the cool kids, join the clan chat "Skillers United"
  13. Firemaking of course, the only good skill in the game.
  14. Total XP: 1,404,931,420 Time Played: 645 days 8 hours = 15,484 hours 1,404,931,420 / 15,484 = 88,650
  15. Like this is news, everyone knows your a gangsta boy