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  1. Farm run followed by 1k of super pray pots for Slayer. After that I've still not decided, possibly Hunter, Fishing or Runecrafting
  2. You know what I will say Ben, without even saying it
  3. Welcome back Daniel! So are you all done with Disney now? The last I heard of you, off you were going for the summer to work there
  4. and you only like gays cuz your brothers gay. nah, nothing to do with it, I just don't hate another individual based on their sexual orientation, bit ignorant if you ask me. ^^ this and .. A lady I used to work with had a son who was gay, which she was completely comfortable with. She said *he's my son, I don't stop loving him because of who he loves* Her son became involved with a guy who had been brought up very strictly which involved worship forced upon him by his parents. He was so scared of being truthful and his parents had said ridiculous stuff like *homosexuals should be ashamed of themselves and outcast* that he ended up taking his own life. If you don't like it Jason, turn the other cheek. We can't help who we love, be it man, woman, black or white, simple as that!
  5. Lol Gary, that most definitely was the good old days! Perhaps you should explain your friend made the vid and you are the crazy bitch Definitely the good old days! Fanty!! lolol <3
  6. Mine is better than I thought
  7. Just got one from Black Demons.
  8. Huge grats Andy
  9. Pot

    I've smoked it socially in my younger years I've also seen the devastation it can cause when people get addicted to it an for that reason am glad it is illegal but on the other hand believe it should be available for medical reasons only. I have a friend that smokes it for pain relief for their Multiple Sclerosis and it's sad to think that they risk getting arrested and then fined/possible prison sentence just because they are easing the terrible pain they are in.
  10. Surely 5 of Brad's is Prozac Bld?
  11. Ty Alex for depicting me so awesomly <3
  12. Oh come on you know #4 is you. Actually after I posted Marnie I realised it was me Was I right with my other guesses? Elite my guesses for yours are: No. 1 Fanty No. 2 Vorpal No. 3 BsMark No. 4 Emily No. 5 Vampyyyy No. 6 No clue lol No. 7 Smurfy Kyle was right with his guess of Smurfy as the Kiwi Fruit and Mitch was right with his guess of Kaluka for the Cannabis Leaf
  13. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  14. From your first pic Kyle: 4. Marnie 6. No idea 7. Bren aka Geoslug Your second pic Derek aka Tai Master aka Revlis
  15. Huge Grats, you got the requirements!
  16. Congratulations!
  17. Good to see you back after your PC problems Christer Let the race continue!
  18. You're doing really well Robbe! Grats and keep up the great skilling
  19. :yucky: :yucky: :yucky:
  20. Good luck Jess!! Nice thread, here's hoping you will be 2100 total in no time at all
  21. Can always rely on Mitch to be there at the right time to capture a great screenie! Why so mean to Kyle Robb?
  22. You proposed this challenge to Mitch and he refused so he has requested I lock this, which I will happily do. Please refrain from taking matters to our forums after one of our members has already stated they would not wish to do a particular challenge you proposed.