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  1. Really nice guide Jason, I'll try this next time I get them. You could mention that people with 85 herb could sip an extreme antifire in edge before they leave and that will last until they get to fiends so the Bronze won't toast them
  2. Grats Honzehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  3. That's a really nice guide Sum, thanks for compiling and sharing with us
  4. By going back over the forums and things you said on other posts you said on themightrat's leaving post on 17th February "I won't be logging in anytime soon". Then Chef Penny left you a comment on 23 February on your profile saying *Good Luck Marnie, you'll be overtaking me soon! * So my powers of detection reckon your new account was created between 18th and 23rd February. Maybe going back over email acknowledgements for Membership may fine tune this down to a certain date between this 6 day period and maybe, just maybe you can figure out the actual date
  5. Nice bank kyle but so messy :teehee:
  6. Hope you have had a lovely day so far Chrissy <3 Happy Birthday!
  7. Her name is Kuradael She is 99 slayer with an untrimmed slayer cape She uses stat spy lunar spell She says "Hmm , You'll be coming with me." She lasts around 4 seconds She appears randomly around various slayer locations She also resembles Duradel as in face tatoos and general look If the above is true about a freeking duck pond that allows you kill Dark Beasts at level 75 slayer then someone has been putting pot in their early morning muffins at Jagex HQ recently :verymad:
  8. Wow Marnie! Utterly amazing <3
  9. That is one hell of a lot of pots James Grats <3
  10. Thanks for the fairy ring information I activated mine just now
  11. Congrats CJ What's next?
  12. This helped me a lot, thanks Jeff and Auss
  13. Taking into account my age it would have to be 25% longer life
  14. Kristen999 is currently 10th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <33

  15. Bradley and Ben, together in a tent in my garden <333

  16. Grats!!! Cool doing it on nooby cooking too :D Any goals in mind for the future?
  17. That seems extremely unlucky to get banned for the same offence within the last year I checked back on the old topics and you were banned in December 2008 for the same offence.
  18. <3
  19. Well done Slov! Good to see you back also
  20. "waste of xp"
  21. Avatar Thief!!!! <3

  22. Not my cup of tea
  23. Ben is so cute being all protective of me, was about to get in the bath and he texted me to check forums. Sutty is Slutty I am the original licker so GTFO Sutty
  24. Take care and have fun with whatever you get up too Christmas is coming and holiday time so a good time to be enjoying real life