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  1. Let's see our total efficiency in the lifetimes of our accounts. Take your total exp and divide by total time played in hours. Get your total days played multiplied by 24 and add the few leftover hours if any. EXAMPLE: Time played - 320 days and 2 hours = 7682 hours 242.8m/7682 = roughly 31,606k exp per hour during my account's lifetime. Ok, your turn!
  2. 432 days and 2 hours 817.2m xp Improved to 78.8k/hour in about a month and a half.
  3. yeah why not
  4. I started a Facebook group for Skillers United, see link below. Stay connected with us.
  5. Thank you @Roca! I need to incorporate some of these. For farming I also make sure to check my crystal tree every day. Its about 16.8k xp in an instant (15k without avatar bonus). But I heard player-owned-farms is the way to go now too. I think @Cymike1 farms baby dragons in his farm for free money. I haven't tried POF yet.
  6. 428 days and 4 hours 797,419,325 xp Improved to 77.6k/hour! yay
  7. Does anyone know if this is still relevant?
  8. Hi Sora! Welcome to the clan Hope to chat with you in game!
  9. Grats Vicki! Welcome to the X club
  10. DANNNI!!!!!!!!! OMG I CAN"T EVEN RIGHT NOW And Jessica is getting so big @Dan - I'll get you pictures! @Ghanburi - this map completely omits Disney, therefore this map is invalid.
  11. But I still don't know how to do it, is what I was trying to sayyyy
  12. This was such a good update! And Dan, how???
  13. OMG I'm so glad you posted this! Ty Toasty <3
  14. Oh Cheezus Christ Didn't get either of my 2015 goals, although I was going strong for a little bit in Smithing. Gunna just roll these goals over for this year. My goals are to love you all endlessly no matter what! Thanks Cyrus for continuing the goals thread tradition going!
  16. Grats Marnie, that's amazing!!
  18. Lewis and I have a friendly bet going on. The goal is to gain 500m overall xp by the end of the year - whoever doesn't reach the goal has to buy the other person a 120 skill. Starting XP: Kristen - 520m Lewis - 600m Current XP: I am posting this because it seems that Lewis has forgotten the stakes of this wager since he's been slacking lately. Hopefully, this gives us both some accountability. Wish us luck!
  19. Thanks for calling us both out, lol!
  20. #motivationmonday
  21. I'm so paranoid about public wifi
  22. Grats Alex!!!
  23. Congrats Marnie!! You're ranked like top 50 in base exp
  24. Marnie <3