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  1. <333333333333333
  2. not bad i guess
  3. My new car :D how ya doing?

  4. Haha very good
  5. 99 Prayer. 200m Firemaking.
  6. Tea for me. Coffee is Yucky. :thumbdown:
  7. Haha, Congrats Marnie, you've been busy!
  8. Grats Ryan, sorry i wasn't there <333
  9. Might have some fun
  10. Haha, it's actually Oo Bubba oO now :D Maybe one day but i really can't see it happening. Hope you're alright mate, swing me another text when you can :P

  11. Never, Quit for good i think :D Having toooo much fun not playing :P Grats on 99 mage <333333

  12. Hey Bradley, hope you had a good birthday <3

  13. Oh shit, long wait :( Will be awesome though because you'll be properly ready for it by then and pass first time :D

  14. Ilu2 Ben <3
  15. Bored. Mine. Got other bits and bobs but cba to get out of the bank :>