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  1. Got your message, will try and attend citadel more often. Thanks Ghan
  2. Oi mate, grats on 50 seismic wands b4 vitalis lmao. Anyways best of luck
  3. Dem gains :3
  4. Greatest life achievement: Tought my gf to play rs.

  5. -Get alteast 7x120 more this year (finishing hp/def already) -move to Germany -maybe, just maybe,consider quitting runescape for a day or so.
  6. Only buyable I'll be getting will be herblore from ovl's :S
  7. Sooo.... Road to bank I guess? Nexing all the way: Random nexing (will sort out by days on other drops) Warning: loads of seksi dropz.
  8. Something special I like a lot :3
  9. Not yet is back.

    1. Lewis


      Nottt Yettttt

    2. Chazza


      Not yet is not yet back

  10. 5816 hrs played, 623,923,634 xp gained. 107,277k xp/hr Used to be like 40ish @ 200M oa xp