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  1. Account Information
    Your current RuneScape name: Ashby

    Any other previously used RuneScape names: Playbunny25
    Skill total: 2539 but soon will max :)
    Combat level: 200
    Total experience: 427M
    Roughly how much do you play per week: 8h a day usually.

    Clan Information
    Are you currently in any clans: Yes, Skill 2 Thrill
    How did you hear about Skillers United: I actually have no idea, I just joined you at SC.
    Who (if anyone) convinced you to join: Everybody, because you're all so kind.
    What are you most interested in (events, competitions, friends, etc.): Friends, people to skill with.
    Do you use IRC, if so what is your nick: Can do if necessary
    Do you use Skype?: Ja

    Tell us a bit about yourself. Real life, RuneScape, anything.

    Hi guys, this is Suomi again. not really, but Hello. I'm Ashby as some of you know, I'm 20 years old and I'm from New Zealand, I'm a free lance graphic designer and love making people smile with my lame jokes.

    I took some time out of runescape while I was in a relationship, but that came to and end when I dds speced the shit out of her, so now I'm playing again a lot.
    I drink too many energy drinks, and I eat too much junk food but life is good, Life is great.