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  1. yews and mazcab: yes

    cache: yes

    daily: is still good, then again with the update to mining and smithing you can do up to 2m xp/h with burial sets

    jack of trades: still the same

    warbands: still the same imo cheap for cons, smith, herb and farm good for mine

    book of char: good but i'd just do curly roots with superheat form prayer, its basicly almost free and like 1m/h easy

    sinkholes still good (do dg daily too if you like it)

    melee, i'd do armoured zombies or abyssal demons still

    range: still chin abyssals, alternative do shattered worlds tryhard its rly good

    mage: also abyssals /airuts maybe the abyss if you want to afk in legacy cb


    vid for range/melee: 

    vid for mage/range tryhard if shattered worlds: