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  1. Current Goal: None. Long Term Goals All skills to 120. Current Progress. Completed Goals Final Boss 120 Defence: 5000 Castle Wars Games Trim Comp - 10/11/13 (No Picture of Event)
  2. My goal is to only play when I have nothing to do IRL. Keep 3.3 Gpa for Scholarships. Find a GIrlfri3nd ?!?! lol no screw that. Find more friends in General tho. Wait this is an Rs Goal thread? hmm... 120 slay 120 Theiv 120 Summoning (during the summer bonus) Finish Golden Statue at some point. That would be enough for me.
  3. Finally got 1b XP.
  4. I also got a Some yew/magic logs but Not sure how many I had to start with. along with some flax and other small stuff.
  5. Edit: Nevermind I got it In September my badddddd
  6. Sorry M8
  7. Hey! these look like my goals. you must be just as crazy
  8. Finished my T90 Dual Weild Weapon set and got all the Tank Gear I need. Back to Skilling now!
  9. Back to back shields today.
  10. Got final boss now what....... Back to skilling? grr no idea. Probobly slay once I get my singularity
  11. Should get final boss tomorrow if I can squeeze in 8hrs of dks
  12. Just unlocked full Vanquisher, 47 more Vorago kills until final boss.
  13. Finally finished kiln, glad that shits over.
  14. Too much Back light but OH WELL
  15. Current Goal: Final Boss Title. 77 Haraken/99 Vorago remaining. Long Term Goal. All 120's Current 120's Dungenereing Defense