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  1. UPDATED LEGACY This is just a simple guide on gaining 900+ Crimsons in ~50minutes. Though as the title says 'Weekly...', this is only be sought after when doing Familiarisation. You can check on the timer on when the D&D starts through the compass icon > minigames and then speaking to pikkupstix to begin. He will tell you a vague description of the location where you can do the minigame and so it's advised using a website to aid you on your search which won't take more than a minute (Runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Familiarisation). Be sure to be geared and have everything ready before starting the minigame because the triple charm duration will start right away once you take it as a reward and will only last 40 minutes. - I prefer dps armor since there is no reason in worrying about health or even prayer at that (though the prayer potions are just a precaution just in case) and it's all about killing dagganoths as quickly as you can. - Using Bonecrushing and Demonhorn necklace will give you infinite prayer even when using Anguish and Soul split since of the mass killings you'll be doing with all the AoE damage from chinchompas and cannon. - Best combat mode to use is LEGACY and make sure auto-retaliate is on. - The 2 tokens on the side of my inventory are just familiarisation resets. - At these times with enlightenment aura since summoning ingredients might get expensive, (assuming you're 96+ summoning and cheap) you can buy 1k yak hides at jatiszo island, after completing The Freminik Isles quest, every day for less than 100gp (600+ gp currently each in ge) and will only take 13minutes, faster with Pack Yak. -6minutes till the minigame, counting down from 2hours. 5minutes for how long the minigame has been going, will count up to it's end of 20minutes. Shouldn't take longer than 12minutes to collect the max of 60 shards, and don't be afraid of your predators. @Waterbirth Cave Be sure to reload the cannon every 5 seconds for it runs out of the 30 ammunition of cannonballs pretty fast. It will decay after maybe 30minutes, so when you get the warning just pickup the cannon and set it back down quickly. You can rack up a bit more kills by running a few spaces to the west (right next to the water) and position the dagganoths in a more square like form, 3x3 being perfect, but it won't make a big difference much compared to being just right on top of the cannon on the crimsons. And then after 40minutes you'll receive the message with an inventory of: Started with & Ended with & Same amount of chins used compared to momentum 300kexp Range and 5k Prayer compensated
  2. Pocket Relic costs 550k and will show head icon when in the wildy. Simply Anticipation ability + Surge will prevent all deaths by pkers. Blood Runes & Abyss Assuming - Abyssal Titan w/ Glory Teleports and to only having Pure Ess and Pouches in inv as your preset. Preset does not fill pouches, only the titan. Do not have to be wearing Morty Legs 4 to get the 10% extra blood rune chance per essence. For the Pros: Laps average at about 1minute and 5 seconds (57Laps/hr), filling all Rune Ess w/ Massive Wearing Full Rc Outfit + Avatar | Worst scenario it takes an extra 2 seconds if spawned bottom right. 194K exp/hr, 2.1m | 3.4m gp/hr (300gp lowest - 500gp highest) For the Weak: No Massive Pouch - 153kexp/hr, 1.8mgp/hr | 2.9mgp/hr For the Underachievers: No Massive, No Masters Rc, No Ava - ~130kexp - ~140kexp - Feel free to update in the comments, but best guesstimation. GET THALER 1 Thaler = 1 minute being in a spotlight minigame. Invest 2000 minutes/33hours for 9m Rc gains. Oh hey, also I'm back to playing Runescape here and there again. Sorry to those I haven't said hello to and glad to be back nonetheless.
  3. Runelab Ideas
  4. We want our money back!
  5. Hi

    ~100k/hr in fishing/agility/runecrafting/divination (more or less, depending on how try hard you go) being the slowest skills from my understanding
  6. Edimmus Hourly ~170* Kills | ~150-160Kills w/ Powerful Edimmu spawns (Spawns rates differ, R.o.W enhances) -Powerful Edimmu's not aggressive, gain 130exp in slayer more than a normal Edi, and 1/512 chance on getting Edi Pet. ~136k* Slay exp | ~129k Slay Exp (I prefer range to snipe out Edi's when they're in a hoard, less running, and they seem more vulnerable to rng atks.) ~261.6k* Range exp | ----------- ~86.3k* Hp ~15.3k* Prayer HolyOvls w/ Ang.Ss -Ports armor just because they hit consistently, but 'low' consistently. -Maybe a few ppots just incase you're killing too slow. -Food recommended, though usually will only use if you choose to use Tentacles. -Steel Titan w/ scrolls. -Pick or choose Vamp/Penance aura
  7. Dark Beasts Gainz/Hr 500kills/hr 165.7k Slay 428.2k Range 139.6k Hp 7.5k Pray ~40 Crims/70 Blues Using Holy Ovls w/ Anguish.Ss -No Ava Bonus
  8. Airuts Gainz/Hr 270 Kills 216,054xp Slay 540k Str exp 178k Hp exp 35,775 Pray exp ~143 Crims Charms Used Holy Ovls w/ Turm/Ss-No Ava Bonus
  9. Artisan Workshop Not With Dbxp Beware of price change, though keep in mind of the gap. Addy i - Preferred since best xp/gp compared to ii and iii, but if you have the spending by all means. (~9.7gp/exp i | ~17gp/exp iii) - Last longer, money wise, while aiming for the Artisan Rewards. ~125k/hr Ava feed xp, Full Blacksmith outfit, Fally shield (5%+ exp & Bonus Respect), Master Student - 5% exp bonus 10k exp = 1% Respect, 440% total for rewards (4.4m Smith exp | 39.6m costs Addy i | 74.8m costs Addy iii) Beware of Price Change (Optional) Killing Ancestors, w/ main-hand cbow, grant 0.1% per (About 12 Kills/hr) With Bxp Addy iii 11gp/xp 513kexp/hr Full BS Outfit, Ava Warden, Fally Shield, Master Student -5.6m gp/hr
  10. 380k/hr Magic 27.5k/hr Pray @ Zam Gwd Fast Spawns My setup was Tectonic w/ Virtus weps & Demonic necklace w/ Attuned Ectoplasmator
  11. Though while questing, I'll usually have everything on with some low background rs music.
  12. Season and I trying to find our way back to Texas. Takes more than 2 to play the harp! In a crowd of 3 different rivaling wbs fc's!
  13. (Lewis) Sry*
  14. Mix of elites and hards, have fun scrolling. Friend getting dye on their 6th Elite.
  15. Thiev/Clue Tab after about 20m Thiev exp, 58 Elites, and 28 Hards (Alched all other rune items/staves from clues). Before the thiev nerf in priff.

  17. Other 2 I did were in the 400k+ range
  18. Juju Imposter V3 Why is every Juju imposter a girl? Roger Al (Sorry mex)
  19. Messing up Slaughter clicks on 2nd airut Getting rekt at warbands Failing quest Can't get Superior Void cause 24 leeches Getting stuck in a tree while woodcutting Slow bulk of Agility bxp cause bad callers Never getting a Signet drop
  20. Juju Imposter V2
  21. <Pax Jump's evil twin killin peoplez