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  1. Looking fit there, Mark! You must also remember to thank us danes for Belgian gold medal in men's road race
  2. Mithril 2h at 3-3.5k each for roughly 2 base parts per sword.
  3. Enhancing: Crystal flask at 3.5k each for roughly 10/100.or Unpowered Orb at about 600-800 each for roughly 5/100. Powerful: Bstaves at 7k each for roughly 14/100 (also good for other parts) Swamp Plague Scrolls at 200 each for roughly 12/100 Base Parts: Warriors guild and Varrock weapon shop. Buy swords and dismantle at roughly 1k per base part.
  4. Thanks for that. Definitely some obvious things I could do to speed up my time, like having full adrenaline when entering.
  5. I hope the new armor will be worth it for you!
  6. Thank you for that simple little guide!
  7. Good luck on the goals! Been thinking about buying dual drygores and dual asc since they are all dropping since bonus weekend announcement!
  8. I am really amazed!!
  9. Nice phishing!! Congrats and good luck on the 120cape if you are going for that
  10. Great progess far and loving the Warshield!! So jelly Are you gonna buy offhand drygore when you can afford?
  11. Looking good still! And soon 1500 which means you gonna get pet real soonzzzzzzzz!!
  12. Congrats on da dr0ps!!##### Damn Bcp only 1.7m now, that is crazy!
  13. For Scroncyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  14. Good luck and get them f0cking super prayer renewals instead lol
  15. Thanks very much. The vast majority of the bonus xp is made up of hunter bxp that I boosted with Jspan at heist during the end of the year. I have more or less ~30m remaining to use up which should get me around 115m hunter xp total. The other large chunks of bxp are made up of 10m rc and 6m div which has all been from daily spins and other things that give bonus. I also have maybe ~5m worth of bonus stored in SC points from the sc weekends. Very nice indeed! I need to get into more of those minigames, I only know how to ba!
  16. Grats on the 200m thief and good luck!! Damn that is a lot of bonus xp!!!!! How? and what bonu is it?
  17. I think you know what I wanna tell you to do dude...!!!!! That is crazy, if someone posted a b2b Seismic Wand drop, I wouldn't even be as amazed lol
  18. Thanks for posting this, Ghan!
  19. Damn that drop tab!!
  20. Grats! What were those 2 beam drops?
  21. Bought these 2 weeks ago, really liking them
  22. Nice indeed, and very nice symbols!
  23. Tyyy... I would like to thank my mom for giving birth to me, so I could get this!..
  24. Finally! First achievements I've posted here so far
  25. xd

    Grats again... Amazing indeed!