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  1. Congratulations
  2. GET THAT NONSENSE OUT OF HERE! oh wait...... oops
  3. Paxy is an empowered individual!!
  4. That's good! Emotions remind you that you're alive.
  5. You can now join the ranks of Jake and Max and spend an hour standing at the ge getting your outfit on point. Congrats
  6. When I have to find something in my bank, I don't like using the search option so i scroll back and forth looking :/
  7. C2 Skilling (Fish and woodcutting) Every fishing location takes 16 seconds to deplete. Every tree takes 12 seconds to deplete. Doing dwarf traders and fletching headless arrows when you get stunned, you can make about 400k/hr fletching headless arrows as well as making about 400k from the loot you get from traders, making this 800k gp/hr. The SU mega duck event. Edit: Those are the bones of the mega duck and the op weapon that killed it.
  8. The purpose of this thread is · To provide more content to read · Have a place to post things on the forums that isn’t worthy of its own thread · It’s nonsense Post anything in here you think fits.
  9. Where are some updates? D:
  10. Congrats buddy oh and that math, 300k bonus :/
  11. Congrats on top 900 and what ever else i missed
  12. And an onyx, you nub!