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  1. Short update on trim: 4 weeks of statues (both), 5 hours of mobilising armies, 20k runespan pts left for esteem 1 and one profound piece left (50 hours or so). Should trim early May
  2. m8 :((((( luv u xo
  3. almost 5 people with a 1b year, sick. Gj every1 Hope 2017 will be just as good!
  4. it is come play pls cw is boring
  5. 5.4 on alt. jk trim and red phat
  6. Lol that is great. thanks guys
  7. Love you<3
  8. Yeeeeeee boi Finally done Kyle give me owner rank kthnx
  9. cya xax
  10. It would be efficient to do dailies until you hit 200m at least. As for other skills, it doesn't really matter. Dailies: WC: Divine yews (burth at reset) and mazcab supply run or w/e it's called. ask for wc locations in "minigames" fc. Extend yews. Both should be around 400k xp per hour. Farm runs Cache: about 700k div xp per hour if you only do the cache, or 300k if you also do the 20 minute boost. Do the boost if you have time. Daily challenge: Rune ceremonial swords is the most efficient one (smithing). About 1m xp/hr Jack of trades: about 48k xp a day if u reset the aura. Use the lamp on rc or div imo. Warbands: Try to get into a loot fc (look on forums). Prioritise mining, then smith, then con. or mining then con if you are poor. 360k xp a day Book of char: Best firemaking xp ingame. 233k xp in 3mins 30 secs at 1.5gp/xp Sinkholes for dg xp. What you should do right now imo: Finish your combat skills with augmented gear, so you can finish invention as well. Melee: Airuts or afk abyssal demons with aggro potion. My airut setup: Swap the tetsu with torva. Aggro pots should work fine if you don't want to spent gp on cballs. Looting on an alt with area loot is #1. Aura rotation: brawler ->vamp ->penance Range: Chin abyssal demons with aggro potion Mage: Airuts
  11. Before I post anything - are you going for 120's or 200m's?
  12. Thank you! And grats on 4B. GL on the remaining 1,4b!
  13. 5b Total xp, achieved on 10th of August, 2016 and 120 Rc, achieved on 12th of August, 2016. Only cook to go for 120 all.