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  1. Stealing this for when I become famous enough from my spice girls tribute band to go on tour
  2. DW john I have got it not sure I even have 500m xp lol
  3. errrmeeehhhgeeeerrrrd gz
  4. I shall be posting soon
  5. Got guitar hero and may gunz, success
  6. Time to spice things up with a nice little game of... Marry, F**k, Kill! The rules are simple the person above will be posting 3 SU members or friends of SU, you have to make a choice of which one you'd marry which one you'd have sexual relations with and which one you'd kill Eg. Marry - Lewis Fuck - Max Kill - Kyle -------------------------------- So starting off the next post has the choice between; Juju Potion, Partygirl14, Partygirl15
  7. why aren't you cooking shark Lil' Jons?
  8. Anyone unlocked anything yet?
  9. Haha Jspan you missed a few of my 99's of the list and I think I should of been one of the newest hero's too! Anyway congrats LovveL, a worthy winner this month!
  10. Love listening to UK rap
  11. They ran away once, don't abuse them till they do it again!
  12. That list is working wonders!