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  1. I already spotted him the other day....
  2. Detroit, Aurora and Grand Rapids
  3. Goals & Achievements 4 rest of the year First on the List: (Comp Cape) -All skill levels at maximum (120 Dungeoneering) -All tasks completed Daemonheim 35/47 Desert 37/43 Morytania 37/51 - All magic spells unlocked from Livid Farm. Unlock Spell: Teleport to South Falador Unlock Spell: Repair Rune Pouch Unlock Spell: Teleport to North Ardougne Unlock Spell: Remote Farming Unlock Spell: Spiritualise Food Unlock Spell: Make Leather Unlock Spell: Disruption Shield Unlock Spell: Vengeance Group Unlock Spell:Teleport to Trollheim Unlock Spell: Borrowed Power -Bones to Peaches unlocked from the Mage Training Arena -All Varrock Museum Kudos earned 183/198 -Unlocked all Music tracks (22 more) Bubble and Squeak Coleoptera Dead and Buried Dominion Tower V The Far Side Flash Factory Honkytonky Parade Hope Devourer Ice Day for Penguins Judge and Jury Kal’Ger the Warmonger King of the Desert The Price is Wight Thieves’ Guild II Thieves’ Guild III Thieves’ Guild IV Vorago Warped Gulega Waterfall II Waterfall III World-gorger Shukarhazh Zaros Zeitgeist -Completed the Hopespear's Will miniquest -Returned Clarence to rest -Hunted the Thalassus ten times after the Deadliest Catch quest -Claimed a reward from Claus the chef for doing him a favour after completing Carnillean Rising -Completed all of Doric and Boric tasks following What's Mine is Yours -Must have unlocked the Enhanced yaktwee stick by catching 1,000 charm sprites -Complete either the Hyu-Ji, Quin or Eastern Curiosities storyline from your Port -Found all the pieces of the Reefwalker's Cape forgotten scroll -Must have earned 'the Annihilator' title by fighting all four nihil at once, during or after Fate of the Gods Second on the list: 50m ea skill (40m would also make me happy)
  4. way to cut me out could have gone 2/2
  5. I love it back too some afk, just used the default ones they set up for you seemed to work pretty good.
  6. Those pictures look great, very nice view.
  7. Sniff some coke it will heal faster. I broke my leg.
  8. update iMac
  9. Lol great, but funny thing is I recall you on being the noob!
  10. Gotta have my little blue guys!
  11. Grats
  12. Well I know its a little late for me making this thread but going to anyways. Looking for some tips/guide if anyone has best ways on gaining Xp. Please post comment, Links, or anything. Some skills are already bought out. Skills left to 99- Runecrafting 92 Construction 91 Dungeoneering 84 Agility 83 Thieving 84 Hunter 84 Mining 94 Smithing 95 Fishing 96 My plan for skills- Runecrafting - Runespan my life out. Construction - Mahogany Dining Tables(bought out) Dungeoneering - HELP! Agility - HELP! (need fastest and easiest xp) Thieving - (Knocking out monkey Ninjas) Hunter - Jadinkos Mining - Concentrated Gold Ores/drop Smithing - Addy Pl8 bodies (bought out) Fishing - Monks/ Rocktails (anything worth banking, dont wanna drop my fish) Please Post anything what will help with the above^ skills.
  13. GRATS!