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  1. Live healthy, stick to good habits. GET COMP CAPE
  2. wow i didn't know you were so close. almost therrr winter break now. nolife time?
  3. grats on 1.7m omg can i have your autograph
  4. @Bradly PM @Eftydub You guys don't have to, but it would be cool lol. Let's talk later. The story: I'm the event leader in my clan and I pretty much control all non-PvP aspects, but actually another guy hosts this. He convinced another member of our clan to fund this weekly, but that member had to go inactive last week, so we thought he quit. I actually volunteered to donate 2.5m with ANOTHER clan member to fund it for that week, and in return I would get the "keyword" rights for that week lol. Luckily the member that usually funded it came back.
  5. Added a late entry except he didn't spell right LL.
  6. So my clan holds a 5M lottery for people who screenshot after capping and post it on a weekly citadel topic showing their maxed cap and a keyword. Last Sunday night (11/11) I decided to make it "cyan:skillers united" for fun, and I've been saving this surprise for SU since. Wish we would have gotten more, but here they are: -Wilderness Guardians Oh, and I've gotten ~108 total levels since I joined the community. Thanks for giving me all the skilling advice guys.
  7. I am looking for a bet. Betting on the Niners vs. idk.
  8. wow emily. u gud.
  9. Race ya to completionists?